The Biggest Turn-Ons To Moms

Okay, yes, it’s a little challenging to feel sexy these days. It’s not impossible, mind you, it just takes a more concerted effort now that I have three kids calling me mom. The thing is, a lot of us still want to be the sex kittens we used to be but life gets in the way — specifically children who wake up at six-effing-a.m., truckloads of laundry that have a way of making it into piles on my bed, and trying to come up with meals to cook for three different kids three times a day. Hell, I’m tired after breakfast!

But I know that we moms still think about sex because that book 50 Shades of Grey is the number one book on Amazon! That’s right, millions of women are riding buses and subways thinking nasty thoughts while reading their Kindle and no one is the wiser. Which just goes to show you, moms are still sexual beings. I just think that what we find sexy changes a bit after we have kids.

When I was in my teens, it took very little to put my mind in the gutter — a nice butt in 501 jeans, a sniff of Polo, and I was a mess of hormones. In my twenties it was all about the right music, the right wine, and men who played hard to get. In my thirties I was wrapped up in getting married and making a few babies. And now … the things that get me going are pretty specific … my husband in Calvin Klein boxer briefs, the Phil Phillips performance of Usher on Idol, a hot dad at my kids’ preschool … and I’m pretty typical.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is the answer to “what’s sexy” from a bunch of my fellow mamas.

  • Quickies 1 of 20
    What turns me on are quickies. And by "quickie," I mean like two minutes. I'm busy. Let's get this over with. And you may be thinking two minutes? Yes, two minutes is easy to do when you have sex once a month.
    — Desiree Kiva Powell
  • Disinfecting drawers 2 of 20
    Disinfecting drawers
    My husband hand washing the poop tracks out of our four-year-old's Thomas the Train BIG BOY undies.
    — Heidi Ferrer
  • Tall, dark, and handsome 3 of 20
    Tall, dark, and handsome
    Ian Somerhalder.
    — Jessica Yinger Sharif
  • Her husband’s hands 4 of 20
    Her husband's hands
    I love my husband's hands. They are capable of so many things ... whether they are fixing things, lifting something heavy, carrying our children, or brushing my cheek softly. It just amazes me that with hands as big and strong as his are, they are still able to be and do delicate and gentle things. That's sexy to me.
    — Jennifer Lagerstrom-Waldorf
  • Watching Keith Morrison 5 of 20
    Watching Keith Morrison
    Watching Keith Morrison on Dateline. I find it very sexy to watch him talk about couples who have been married for as long as I have and who have killed each other. It makes me appreciate the fact that Larry hasn't slipped me poison Kool-Aid or anti-freeze. Such a turn on.
    — Irene Zutell
  • I follow a fan site 6 of 20
    I follow a fan site
    I follow a Jake Gyllenhaal fan site. (And I have only called my husband "Jake" once.)
    — Lisa Gay Rosenberg
  • Social justice 7 of 20
    Social justice
    While I have long been attracted to his intellect and his deep commitment to social justice, I find it downright sexy to see my husband at work, on his ground.
    — Sam Grab
  • Sweet bubbly 8 of 20
    Sweet bubbly
    Timothy Olyphant and Tattinger rose champagne.
    — Loretta Fox
  • Let me ask 9 of 20
    Let me ask
    When I get to ask him for sex, since he beats me to the punch every, oh, 3 minutes or so.
    — Courtney Rundell
  • When he takes my side 10 of 20
    When he takes my side
    Sometimes my big mouth gets me in trouble with grown men. Like when they F-bomb in front of my children and I feel the need to tell them to be quiet. When my husband sticks up for me even when he wishes I would have kept my mouth closed, it's super hot.
    — Bonnie Jean Thomas
  • Hoodies 11 of 20
    Hoodies. Maybe not politically correct right now, but so true. You could throw a hoodie on anything and I'm into it. I've been attracted to coat racks.
    — Anna Lotto
  • A specific man in uniform 12 of 20
    A specific man in uniform
    My husband in his bunker gear.
    — Sarah Berelsman
  • Mr. Fix-it 13 of 20
    Mr. Fix-it
    Watching him do fix-it things around the house (right now he's taking out a broken dishwasher ... lookout!).
    — Cameron Udall
  • Date night 14 of 20
    Date night
    The world seems brighter that night. House smells of my perfume. Kids can be wild and I don't care. My husband and I get in the car and it is just us. Ahhhhh.
    — Caroline Melby
  • Bedtime routine 15 of 20
    Bedtime routine
    One time I watched my husband read books and do goodnight things with our son on the video monitor and I actually got butterflies, real teenagery butterflies about it.
    — Bridgette Gallagher
  • Celebrity crush 16 of 20
    Celebrity crush
    Seth MacFarlane.
    — Angie Saldivar
  • Hot on wheels 17 of 20
    Hot on wheels
    A dad that knows how to skateboard.
    — Ahlea Armstrong
  • A sharp dressed man 18 of 20
    A sharp dressed man
    When a man takes the time to put himself together; his suit, cufflinks, perfectly coordinated shirt and tie, the works. It could be casual too, I just like the effort. Hot!
    — Shawn-Kathleen Howard
  • He only has eyes for me 19 of 20
    He only has eyes for me
    What's sexy to me is when my husband and I are out at a restaurant and, as scores of hot, young women sashay by our table in their short, little dresses, he doesn't even glance their way once. Rather, he stares deep into my eyes, brushes his hand across my cheek, and leans across the table so he can smokily whisper in my ear: "Hey, moron, you've got salad dressing in your hair again." Mmmmmmm.
    — Wendi Aarons
  • Tech sexy 20 of 20
    Tech sexy
    What's sexy to me is a husband who can work on computers and keep all the gadgets in our house working.
    — Robin Campbell

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