The Case for Googling Before You Go On a Date


googling before you go on a dateI’ve always been of the mind that Googling before you go on a date isn’t the best idea, because you don’t want to appear like you already know everything your date is telling you at your first meeting – or worse, decide that you don’t like them based on one Facebook post or Tweet and then cancel what could have been a great date. It turns out, though, maybe it’s worth Googling your prospective online dates before meeting them in person just to make sure they’re not crazy, or a felon, or a crazy felon.

Case in point: A young woman named Amanda recently agreed to date a guy exclusively (no dating anyone else) for 30 days (and I assume like every day for 30 whole days?) based solely on their interaction over the Internet and phone, because that’s what he told her he needed to do to get to know someone. She felt uneasy when she agreed to this “sign a lease without checking out the property first” method, but, she writes, “For some reason … I said I would try it out.”

“As our impending date drew nearer,” she says, “I grew more and more uneasy.” She decided to cancel the date and was met with an earful of rage, some of which she captured on her voice mail. You can listen to the insane message on Jezebel, if you like. What you really should take away from her experience, though, is that part of her trepidation about the date came from the fact that she Googled him prior to meeting him in person and discovered he’d been arrested for assault and harassment. She learned to Google dates before meeting them for the first time after inadvertently dating an arsonist and getting, you know, burned.

So don’t worry about spoiling the romance, ladies. Just get that key stroke on!

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