The Christmas Tree Debacle of 2005 [Video]


lighting the christmas tree

The year was 2005 and I was thisclose to being forever held captive by Caroline’s considerable charm. In fact, I was probably closer than thisclose. Even so, I knew that if we were to ever go the distance, we’d have to know what it was like to spend the holidays together.

Enter the Christmas Tree Debacle of 2005.

So what say you, fair reader? What happens when a professional bachelor type and a holiday-perfection-seeking single mom get into it over a tree? Does it end well?

What if I told you yes? I see.

But what if I told you no? Aha.

Because, the truth is, it’s both. It ended really really poorly, yet impossibly well all at once.

I hope you enjoy this one. Because it’s one of my favorite ones I’ve made in a while.

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