This Week We Turned Three

His Mrs Her Mr photoThis week my husband and I reached a milestone. We turned three. The two of us have been married for three years. A small feat to some, but kind of a big deal to us. Most people didn’t think we’d even make it to the altar, and I can admit there were moments when we wondered ourselves. For almost seven years, I’ve loved the man that today I have the honor of calling my husband. When I met him, my heart leaped. My heart just knew.

In time, the challenges we faced as individuals and in our relationship caused me to question my heart. Was I mistaken? Was that feeling I felt even real? But no matter what happened, even when space and time stood between us, my heart never truly felt at home unless it was by his side. Proof that I was far from mistaken. For me, my husband is home. For me and our children, he is our safe place.

As I reflect on the past several years, and in particular those in which we journeyed through life as husband and wife, I can’t help but think of what it has meant to me to build a life with a man who made room in his heart and life for two. Years later, he made room again when a tiny little love found her way into our lives.

It’s no secret that I believe I’ve married one of the good ones. I married a man who values family above all else; his decisions are always rooted in a desire to please God and provide for his girls. His energy is placed in loving and learning to love me the way that I need to be loved, the way that I deserve to be loved – the way I never even knew I should be loved until it was laid before me in the form of him. A man who reminds me that it doesn’t matter what other people think or say about our relationship; if he’s happy and I’m happy and our kids are happy, we’re good. A man who reminds me that whether or not his heart knew at the same time mine knew isn’t important.  What’s important is that, just as I have given him my heart, he has given me his.

From what I recall (post pregnancy brain still happening over here), for the past three years we have opted not to exchange gifts for our anniversary. There’s no perusing Pinterest for the perfect idea or dreaming up something special like I used to do when we were dating. This year we didn’t even go out. My husband went to school and I stayed home with our girls. We have plans for the weekend, but honestly our focus hasn’t been on the tangible things often associated with anniversaries. This year — this week — our focus has been on the feelings tied to what this means for us.

Another year. Another year in which we showed up. Another day when we pressed through the hard times, another day when we didn’t quit or allow life’s challenges to wedge a divide between us. Another year when we had the chance to model for our children what it really means to love one another. Another year of eyes rolling, falling out and making up, of dancing in the kitchen, of me sneaking his boxers out of the drawer to sleep in, of asking him to pose for just one more selfie with me, of reading bedtimes stories, tucking in little ones and deciding what we would do if we ever won the lottery. Another year filled with sunshine and just enough rain to keep us humble and grateful for the blue skies.

Three. Three feels awfully good lovelies. It feels good because I know that it is one number in what will one day be a long sequence. A chapter in a story that is constantly unfolding, a story where the girl got the guy she never even knew she needed until he arrived. A girl whose heart knew, a girl who looks at her two own little girls and hopes and prays that the man that they marry will love them as deeply as their father loves their mother. A love that has no limits. A love that looks beyond depression and bouts of grumpiness, beyond postpartum (and cupcake) pounds, an imperfect past and the fact that we are having spaghetti for dinner again. One that sees promise in eyes filled with wonder because big dreams are brewing. A love that isn’t rooted in things but in feelings and commitment. A love that first showed hints of promise when somehow, once upon a time, my heart just knew. A love further solidified when two hearts stood before one another and exchanged vows.

This is the part where it has been reaffirmed that, Hell to the yes, we are in this. We’ve traveled quite a ways in this small moment in time. We’ve had a chance to experience some highs and some lows and surely there are more to come. More love to be shared too. This is when we take a moment and look back at how far we’ve come and celebrate the fact that we’ve done it together.

Up next — four.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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