Zip Your Lip! 7 Things To Keep Quiet About During The Holidays

Creative Commons: nightthree

Ahh yes, we’ve just closed the door on a fractious election season and now? Let’s get ready to rumble around the dinner table!

Not really, well at least we don’t set out for it to be that way, yet many times that’s exactly what happens at the holiday season. Aunt June is still peeved about your decision to marry that ne’er-do-well with whom you have two children (“You could do SO much better, dear”), you a stalwart democrat find yourself in a seasoned Republicans, mix in fatigue and alcohol and you have the makings of a conflagration.

So, in hopes of making it through the holiday season without being singed, here are 7 things you might want to avoid discussing at the dinner table.

Take a read and see if there’s anything you would add to the list….



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