10 Best Graphic Tees for Kids Under $25


Graphic tees have become an outright wardrobe staple for adults and kids alike and it’s kind of easy to see why! They’re fun and colorful and instantly make a style statement. But graphic tees for kids? All too often they’re plastered with cartoon characters and comic book heros. Lately I’ve been finding a bunch of stylish graphic tees for the little ones though, so I thought I’d share! Pair them with jeans and a kickin’ pair of shoes and they’ll be ready to go back to school in style come the fall.

Click through for 10 of the best graphic tees for kids—all under $25!

  • 10 Best Graphic Tees for Kids Under $25 1 of 11
    10 Best Graphic Tees for Kids Under $25

    Click through for 10 stylish and budget-friendly graphic tees for kids! 

  • Live Love Dream Tee 2 of 11
    Live Love Dream Tee

    This top reminds me of something I would have rocked as a kid in the 80s. I love the type and silhouetted palm trees.
    Get it for $14.95 from H&M

  • Ballerina Tee 3 of 11
    Ballerina Tee

    Featuring cool modern ballerina inspired illustrations on a bold pink shirt, this tee is one that I wish came in my size!
    Get it for $17.50 from J.Crew

  • Hero Graphic Tee 4 of 11
    Hero Graphic Tee

    Now this is a comic book hero shirt done right! I love the tone-on-tone colors and the vintage-inspired look.
    Get it for $17.99 from Gap

  • Sunset Generation Tee 5 of 11
    Sunset Generation Tee

    Surfer kids will rejoice over this cool, colorful shirt. I love that the look is unisex, too!
    Get it for $5.99 from Zara

  • Best Day Ever Tee 6 of 11
    Best Day Ever Tee

    Today is the best day ever and this tee shirt says it best! I love this shirt with it's childlike sense of glee.
    Get it for $24 from Tiny Whales

  • Take a Hike Tee 7 of 11
    Take a Hike Tee

    It's the hand drawn illustration of this tee that has me loving it's playful ways. Another one I wish came in my size!
    Get it for $18 from Truly Sanctuary

  • Dinosaur Tee 8 of 11
    Dinosaur Tee

    I love a good dinosaur as much as the next girl so I'm a big fan of this quirky dino tee. Perfect for your dino-obsessed boys too!
    Get it for $15.50 from J.Crew

  • Hat Illustrated Tee 9 of 11
    Hat Illustrated Tee

    A great tee for the little ladies, I love the cute hats and hair pieces on the front of this shirt. The snorkel is my favorite!
    Get it for $9.99 from Gap

  • Andy Warhol Graphic Tee 10 of 11
    Andy Warhol Graphic Tee

    I am totally charmed by this tee's nod to the late great Andy Warhol with it's bold Campbell's soup can on the front. I love it for little budding artists!
    Get it for $5.90 from Uniqlo

  • Heart Flag Tee 11 of 11
    Heart Flag Tee

    This watercolor inspired heart flag tee is the way to do patriotic fashion right. Can I have one?
    Get it for $5.99 from Zara

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