12 Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet


I have always loved Halloween. Getting dressed up — silly, fancy or otherwise — is kind of one of my favorite things in life, and over time I’ve learned to get pretty creative. I’m not into store-bought Halloween costumes, although some are pretty cool. I much prefer to work with things I already have in my closet, and if I am going to buy something, they need to be pieces I can integrate into my existing wardrobe. Not gonna lie … sometimes I’ve even used a Halloween costume as an excuse to splurge on a particular item I’ve been crushing on (i.e. the olive green jumpsuit you’ll find in the slideshow!). I came up with a list of 10 super-simple Halloween costumes that you can wear again … or that in many cases might already be living in your closet!

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  • Rosie the Riveter 2 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    This is hands down the easiest Halloween costume ever and you will most definitely wear all the pieces again. Cute boyfriend jeans are a must-have for any wardrobe and a chambray button-up shirt is a great basic that can be dressed up or down. White low-top Converses were a must this summer, but can definitely be carried into fall. And I wear stretchy headbands like this one with my top knot 'do multiple times a week.  


    I recently donned this costume for an early Halloween brunch I hosted and it couldn't have been easier. Even if you don't already own these pieces they are good investments as they will quickly become work horses in your wardrobe.


    Get the look:
    1. Factory Classic Chambray Shirt, JCrew, $54.50
    2. Red and White Polka Dot Jersey Knit Turban Headband, Etsy, $10
    3. Boyfriend Skinny Jeans, H&M, $29.95
    4. Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker, Nordstrom, $44.95

  • Original Mouseketeer 3 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    I love the idea of dressing up as an original Mouseketeer a'la Anette Funicello and this ensemble makes it easy. A white t-shirt is a wardrobe staple that will be able to be dressed up or down with future outfits, and who couldn't use a skater style skirt in their closet? The versatile white Converse low tops make an appearance again in this costume and to embellish, you could either add iron-on letters to spell out your name across your shirt, or just find letter stickers if you were looking for something less permanent. Add some vintage style mouse ears and you're all set to be a Mouseketeer or for any future trips to Disney!


    Get the look:
    1. Relaxed Fit Jersey Crewneck Tee, Hanes, $10
    2. Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer Hat, Disney Store, $4.99
    3. Box Pleat Textured Skirt, Nordstrom, $32
    4. Black Iron-On Sports Letters, Hobby Lobby, $7.99
    5. Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker, Nordstrom, $44.95

  • WWII Airman 4 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    This olive green jumpsuit would be fabulous in my wardrobe, so I'm pretty sure Halloween is a great excuse to get one. When paired with black boots and classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, it definitely reads WWII airman (or woman in this case!). You could also add a bomber jacket if you happened to have one to add to the effect. And in every day, all of these pieces would be fantastic. I would pair the jumpsuit with black heels and rock that thing like there was no tomorrow. Getting dressed doesn't get much easier than throwing on one-piece in the form of a cute jumpsuit! 

    Get the look:

    1. Aviators, Ray-Ban, $145
    2. Kendall Ankle Boot, Target, $34.99
    3. Olive Jumpsuit, Pixie Market, $75

  • Referee 5 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    I've been wanting a striped dress like this one for awhile now and I think that while it definitely reads "ref" in the context of Halloween, it could easily be transitioned to work into your regular wardrobe as well. I would probably pair it with leather leggings, ankle booties and an olive green parka-style jacket.


    Get the look:
    1. Vertical Stripe Dress, Forever 21, $19.80
    2. Coach Whistle, Amazon, $5
    3. Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker, Nordstrom, $44.95

  • Angel 6 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    An angel is a classic Halloween costume that is super simple to pull-off. All you need is a white lace dress, some gold shoes, and gold pipe cleaners to DIY yourself a halo. I have a lace shift dress like this in my wardrobe and I wear it a ton. It's great for a date night or can go more casual by adding a chambray shirt over it and some edgy ankle booties. The possibilities are endless! Also, you would be surprised how versatile glittery gold shoes are. I'm not much for glitter, but I bought a pair of gold sandals this summer and they seriously matched with everything, and these gold flats would do the same.

    Get the look:

    1. Swan Lace Shift Dress, Neiman Marcus, $173
    2. Tinsel Stems, Consumer Crafts, $2.95
    3. Scout Gold Glitter Vegan Ballerina Flats, Alternative Outfitters, $21.60

  • Where’s Waldo 7 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    Almost all of the components to this Where's Waldo costume are ones that can be worn again — a striped shirt, jeans, and the Converses are pretty much a given. The striped hat may be a little too much "Where's Waldo" action to incorporate into your daily wardrobe, so you could always swap that out for a simple red beanie. And I love me some fake glasses, which are a fun way to instantly change up your entire look.


    Get the look:
    1. Unisex Poly-Cotton Stripe Crew Neck, American Apparel, $22
    2. Trendy Striped Beanie, Amazon, $7.99
    3. Five Pocket Skinny Jeans, Forever 21, $7.80
    4. Round Metallic-Trimmed Readers, Forever 21, $5.80

    5. Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker, Nordstrom, $44.95

  • Student 8 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    I've been looking for a reason to jump on the varsity jacket trend train, so why not a student-inspired Halloween costume? I've also been wanting one of these backpacks from Herschel Supply Co., so thanks for the excuse Halloween! Backpacks are great for moms who have to tote around a ton of stuff, and the varsity jacket would be a great mid-weight jacket for fall. Sometimes they seem a little too teenager for me, but I really like the simple grey and white color scheme of this one; I think it would be really versatile.

    Get the look:

    1. Red Heritage Backpack, Herschel, $54.99
    2. Unisex Club Jacket with Leather Sleeves, American Apparel, $198
    3. Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker, Nordstrom, $44.95
    4. Box Pleat Textured Skirt, Nordstrom, $32

  • Safari Explorer 9 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    All of these items worn separately would be super cute add-ins to one's closet, particularly that floppy hat — I am so smitten! And when paired together, you've got yourself a safari explorer costume, perfect for Halloween and beyond. Maybe add some binoculars around your neck for extra flair.

    Get the look:

    1. Long-Sleeve Twill Shirt, Old Navy, $14.97
    2. Mossimo Supply Co. Floppy Leather Tie Hat, Target, $16.99
    3. Textured, Short-Zip Boots, Old Navy, $49.94
    4. Cafe Capri, J. Crew, $89.50

  • Black Cat 10 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    Black anything can pretty much be incorporated into one's daily wardrobe, but I love the idea of pairing faux leather leggings with a long tunic-style sweatshirt alongside black ankle boots. I own all of these pieces and wear them often. Then, just DIY a little headband with ears and draw on a little black nose and whiskers with face paint and you've got the easiest Halloween costume ever. Also, everyone needs a pair of leather leggings. Seriously, they are wonderful.

    Get the look:

    1. Jersey Leggings, H&M, $12.95
    2. Long Sweatshirt, H&M, $17.95
    3. Ankle Books, H&M, $34.95

  • Cowgirl 11 of 13
    10 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again!

    This outfit actually looks a little more like something I would wear in my every day than it does a Halloween costume, but if you pull your hair back in french braid pigtails or throw on a cowboy hat, you've got yourself an instant Halloween ensemble. Easy peasy!

    Get the look:

    1. High Riser Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in Deep Blue Wash, Madewell, $125
    2. Women's Plaid Shirt, Old Navy, $26.94
    3. Women's Textured Short-Zip Boots, Old Navy, $42.94

  • Tom Cruise from Risky Business 12 of 13
    12 Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet!

    If you are brave enough to go there, your man probably has all of the pieces for this costume in his closet, and I'm all for borrowing. While I'm pretty sure my naked legs would not fare well in the cold in this costume,  it would be great for a Halloween party!

    Get the look:
    1. Original Wayfarer Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, $160
    2. Secret Wash Shirt in White,  J.Crew, $64.50
    3. Unisex Organic Baby Rib Brief, American Apparel, $7
    4. Women's Athletic Socks 6-pk, Hanes, $7
  • Lumberjane 13 of 13
    12 Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

    A lumberjack is a classic costume that can be easily pieced together using items from your favorite guy's closet. I would turn the costume a bit more feminine by incorporating a work boot-inspired wedge bootie, leaving hair styled down and loose (possibly with some curl), and adding a swipe of red lipstick. Instant lumberjane instead of lumberjack!

    Get the look:
    1. Men's Flannel Shirt, Old Navy, $29.94
    2. Dickies Men's Suspenders in Black,  Target, $14.99
    3. Women's Cropped Skinny Boyfriend Jean, Old Navy, $15.97
    4. Women's Merona Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot, Target, $34.99
    5. Mole Hair Beanie - Tanager, Poler, $35.00

What would you add to this list?


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