10 Holiday Accessories for Boys


Plan your little gentleman’s holiday outfit with these accessories in mind. Pick out your favorite fabric and order him a handmade bowtie from Tadpole and Lily. Top off his outfit with a fedora or wool newsboy cap. These 10 Holiday Accessories for Boys include the essentials for keeping your mini dapper Dan looking great.

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  • Custom Bowties 2 of 11

    Pick out your fabric of choice and send in your order to receive this adorable and festive bowtie.
    Buy it for $30 at Tadpole and Lily.

  • Little Boy Tie 3 of 11

    If your little man is not so much into the bowtie, pick out a fun fabric for a handmade holiday tie he can use throughout the year.
    Buy it for $30 at Tadpole and Lily.

  • Suspenders 4 of 11

    Top off his outfit with a pair of holiday red suspenders.
    Buy them for $14.95 at Amazon.

  • Newsboy Caps 5 of 11

    These 100% wool caps have a classic look that is perfect for your little gentleman.
    Buy it for $38 at Little Lids.

  • Pork Pie Hat 6 of 11

    This brown flannel pork pie hat is great for the touch of vintage charm.
    Buy it for $34 at Little Lids.

  • Fedora 7 of 11

    A black fedora can be the last piece to complete his outfit.
    Buy it for $20 at Von Maur.

  • Printed Socks 8 of 11

    Printed socks are a fashionable trend for men this year, so grab your little man a pair too.
    Buy them for $3 at GAP.

  • Leather Belt 9 of 11

    Pick up a leather belt at a great price in either brown or black.
    Buy it for $12.50 at Old Navy.

  • Wide-Rib Sweater Scarf 10 of 11

    Keep him warm with a scarf that comes in a variety of colors and prints.
    Buy it for $12 at Old Navy.

  • Sunglasses 11 of 11

    He is sure to look dapper in a pair of black shades.
    Buy it for $39 at Bonlook.

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