12 Chic and Pretty Maternity Pieces to Wear When You Feel Like a House


Babies seem to come in waves, has anyone else noticed that? Two and a half years ago all my friends were pregnant and now they all seem to have gotten the memo that it was time to move on to the next kid. Baby announcements and gender reveals are taking over my Facebook and Instagram feed! Two sweet friends asked me to pull together some pretty maternity looks for the spring when they’ll be sporting third trimester bumps. Those last couple months can be a little demoralizing on the style front. I remember desperately raiding my husband’s side of the closet in search of something- anything!- that would keep my entire belly (underside included, the Rachel look isn’t really my style) under wraps. I have a hard time spending money on maternity clothes since you don’t really wear them for more than a few months but just a few pieces can go a long way toward helping you feel a little prettier as you prepare to welcome your new little one!

  • You’re Glowing! 1 of 13
    12 Chic and Pretty Maternity Pieces to Wear When You Feel Like a House

    I thought I was big when we took this picture. Ha. Haha. Ha.

  • Lacy and Feminine 2 of 13
    ASOS Maternity Lace Tank Dress

    A pregnant friend wore this gorgeous lace dress for family pictures a couple months ago and I sent her a frantic all caps text, WHERE IS YOUR DRESS FROM?!? She responded with the link to this gorgeous lace midi dress. I don't even know whether or not I'm going to have another kid but I bought this. Just in case.

    ASOS, $45.37 on sale (The coral version is less than $26!)

  • Slimming Color Block 3 of 13
    Mamalicious Color Block Cap Sleeve Jersey Dress

    Those slimming black side panels will do wonders for your self esteem when you're approximately 8 times larger than normal.

    ASOS, $59.26 on sale

  • Military and Face Framing Details 4 of 13
    A Pea in the Pod Convertible Sleeve Mandarin Collar Button Detail Maternity Tunic

    A v-neck top draws the eye up toward your face while the military pockets emphasize your fantastic new upper half. The longer length and dark hue help minimize your belly a bit.

    A Pea in the Pod, $49.99 on sale

  • Don’t Give Up Your Skinny Jeans! 5 of 13
    Old Navy Printed Maternity Skinny Jeans

    You totally have my permission to spend the third trimester rocking sweatpants. BUT! If you need something to help you feel cute and like your old self, this printed pair of skinny jeans may be just what you need!

    Old Navy, $16.97 on sale

  • A Maternity Work Horse 6 of 13
    Old Navy Maternity Tie Front Maxi Dress

    I LIVED in a black maxi dress, much like this one, toward the end of both my pregnancies. It's super versatile and looks great with neon accessories or flip flops or a metallic cardigan and chunky jewelry. This dress will take you anywhere.

    Old Navy, $11.97 on sale

  • Slouchy Perfection 7 of 13
    Hatch The Slouch Dress

    Hatch Collection is pretty far outside my budget but if you want to splurge on something, their stuff is gorgeous. Plus they give great styling ideas! Their clothes are meant to grow with you, so a piece you wear at 20 weeks should still fit and flatter at 40 weeks!

    Hatch, $198

  • Going Glam 8 of 13
    Hatch The Night Out Leggings

    I've noticed that my maternity style tends to be a bit braver than my non-pregnant style. I might not feel totally comfortable wearing faux leather leggings normally but while I'm pregnant? All over it.

    Hatch, $148

  • Say Yes To The Vest 9 of 13
    Motherhood Maternity Cropped Denim Vest

    I'm already a huge fan of vests but even more so when pregnant. I can leave them open over my bump and they help me feel just a bit more polished.

    Motherhood, $39.98

  • Delicate Watercolors 10 of 13
    Jessica Simpson Watercolor Floral Top

    The colors on this soft top are so pretty!

    Motherhood, $49

  • You Can Still Rock Some Edge 11 of 13
    Liz Lange for Target Maternity Ponte Dress

    It's rare that I actually wish I was pregnant (I get super vomit-y), but walking through Target's maternity section these past few months has me totally inspired. They've really upped their game, as as with this leather trimmed ponte knit dress. Being large and in charge doesn't have to mean sacrificing style!

    Target, $32.99

  • Stripes Are Always In Style! 12 of 13
    Liz Lange for Target Striped Maternity Shirt

    Okay, I really want this in non-maternity.

    Target, $19.99

  • Keep Your Sense Of Humor! 13 of 13
    A Pea in the Pod Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Graphic Print Tee

    I cracked up when I saw this tee. I vividly remember 4 days before my due date asking my husband to help me roll over in bed and then whining, "Are we there yet?!" If you can't beat the house-like feeling, you might as well have a good sense of humor about it!

    A Pea in the Pod, $29.99 on sale

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