25 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls


We have rounded up the 25 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls and can’t wait to share them with you. There is something for every little girl, and whether she wants to be a princess or a bluebird, these tutorials have got it all. Go for a simple approach with a hula dancer costume, or for something more complex like the beautiful Belle costume. These inexpensive DIY options are also a great way for you to add your own personal touch.

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  • Rag Doll 2 of 26

    Use this easy tutorial for an adorable rag doll costume.
    Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

  • DIY Tinkerbell Fairy Costume 3 of 26

    Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a sweet Tinkerbell costume.  
    Get the tutorial at Pretty Prudent.

  • Cinderella 4 of 26

    Check out the tutorial for how to make the perfect Cinderella costume.  
    Get the tutorial at Make it and Love it.

  • Sam I Am 5 of 26

    Be inspired by Dr. Suess this Halloween and dress your girl up as Sam I Am.
    Get the tutorial at Dana Made It.

  • Little Snail 6 of 26

    Roll up some brown craft paper and make your girl a snail this Halloween.
    Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

  • Colorful Bird Wings 7 of 26

    Make sure she doesn't fly away with these beautiful bird wings.
    Get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.

  • Little Red Riding Hood 8 of 26

    If Little Red Riding Hood is her favorite fairytale, use this DIY tutorial for her costume this year.
    Get the tutorial at Make It & Love It.

  • Frida Kahlo 9 of 26

    Bring out the young artist in your girl with this Frida Kahlo costume.
    Get the tutorial at

  • Dotty Toadstool 11 of 26

    Go woodland with a toadstool costume. 
    Get the tutorial at Spoonful.

  • Paper Doll 12 of 26

    Use this tutorial to dress your little girl up as a paper doll.
    Get the tutorial at Spoonful.

  • Mary Poppins 13 of 26

    This gorgeous Mary Poppins costume is sure to be a hit. 
    Get the tutorial at Make it and Love it.

  • Hula Dancer 14 of 26

    Grab an old grocery bag and some scissors to turn your little girl into a hula dancer.
    Get the tutorial at Real Simple.

  • Cotton Candy 15 of 26

    A Halloween costume for the little girl with a sweet tooth.  
    Get the tutorial at Costume Works .

  • Pigs in a Blanket 16 of 26

    Wrap your little piglet in a blanket this Halloween with this tutorial for ears and the cute nose.
    Get the tutorial at Real Simple.

  • French Macaroon 17 of 26

    Make your girl super sweet with this macaroon costume.
    Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

  • Belle 18 of 26

    Use the pattern to make this perfect Belle costume. 
    Get the tutorial at Homemade Toast .

  • Zombie 19 of 26

    Turn your adorable little girl into a bloodthirsty zombie. 
    Get the tutorial at Pretty Prudent.

  • Hot Air Balloons 20 of 26

    Make an awesome hot air balloon costume with cardboard and balloons.  
    Get the tutorial at Country Living.

  • Prettiest Princess 21 of 26

    Make a pretty princess cape for your little girl to wear with a princess dress. 
    Get the tutorial at Pretty Prudent.

  • Peacock Tutu 22 of 26

    Need a quick and simple last-minute costume this year? Try out this DIY peacock costume.
    Get the tutorial at The Train to Crazy.

  • Rapunzel 23 of 26

    Learn how to make a Rapunzel wig to turn your little girl into the lovely princess. 
    Get the tutorial at Pretty Prudent .

  • Pirate Costume 24 of 26

    Aye, aye matey! Find out how easy it is to put together this pirate costume.
    Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping .

  • Madeline 25 of 26
    2011 02 28_4179_edited-1

    This Madeline-inspired costume would make a fun sewing project.
    Get the tutorial at Simple Simon & Co.

  • Little Owl 26 of 26

    Use scrap fabrics to make an owl costume.
    Get the tutorial at Alpha Mom.

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