6 Tips When Shopping for the Perfect Vintage Coat!

shopvintagecoat1For a few years now — maybe 3, maybe 4 — I have decided to skip the normal song and dance of shopping for a new coat. One of my reasons is simply the fact that a new coat only lasts a season. It’s more than likely that it’s too trendy to withstand the trends of the following year, and another reason is simply that they don’t last as long. Usually, no matter how much I pay (unless it’s a huge down coat that’s somewhat unappealing), it’s getting kicked to the curb as soon as spring rolls around. My heart always aches a bit, and my wallet always cringes. So, knowing these facts, I refuse to spend that money.

Also, the most significant of all the reasons that I skip coat-shopping, I have been so graciously passed down many heavy and gorgeous winter coats that last. Maybe a hem comes undone; that’s easy to fix. Maybe a stain appears; that’s easy to fix, too. Most of the vintage coats that I own cost my grandmother nothing really. Just a good eye and some time to dig through the racks at various thrift stores. As I transition into purchasing my own vintage coats, I see myself slowly but surely growing my own beautiful collection that I am beyond proud of. For different events, I have a different vintage coat to wear. And as I pull the vintage coats that were passed down to me out of storage for yet another cold New York City winter, I begin my search for a few new-to-me coats. Here are six tips that I have used when I am shopping for the perfect vintage coat that I’m sure you’ll need, too!

  • 6 Tips When Shopping for the Perfect Vintage Coat! 1 of 7

    Click through the slideshow to see and read my 6 tips when shopping for THE PERFECT vintage coat! 

  • To Faux? Or NOT To Faux? 2 of 7

    Tip 1!

    So this goes out to all you anti-fur ladies and you pro-fur ladies. (Truthfully, I'm with the latter group.) There are plenty of vintage coats out there that have faux fur. I feel some believe if you go vintage, you gotta go real fur... and that's just not true. If you dig deep and long enough through those thrift racks or on Etsy, I'm sure you'll find a few. Also, faux fur or real fur around the neckline of a vintage coat is a sure way to keep warm in the winter. When I wear my coats that look like the one pictured above, I very rarely need a scarf. 

    Dressed In Vintage: $125.00

  • Go For The Length 3 of 7

    Tip 2!

    When purchasing your vintage coat, the longer the better. Really, in the winter it's the most logical choice. Image a thick, chic, vintage coat keeping you hidden from the winter's fury. Sounds good, doesn't it?

    Available at Crown In Crown: $220.00

  • Be Mindful of Textures 4 of 7

    Tip 3!

    When shopping for your vintage coat as a newbie, shop for a basic one first. Textures are fun and all, but this coat would be perfect added to a already established collection, not worn as an everyday coat. 

    Living Threads Vintage:$212.00

  • Cap it with a cape 5 of 7

    Tip 4!

    Capes are not only functional, but they are chic, comfy, and they are THE perfect layering piece. I suggest you purchase a vintage cape along with your basic vintage long coat. You can layer as much as your heart desires, and most vintage capes are lined for extra warmth. 

    Persephone Vintage:$225.00

  • A Little Leopard goes a long way 6 of 7

    Tip 5!

    Don't get me wrong, I sure do love an all leopard coat just like the rest of them; but to keep your tacky level down just a bit keep the leopard to a minimum. Maybe choose a coat with just leopard trimming, Or a leopard coat without fur. 

    The Frippery:$138

  • Throw it in the Dryer! 7 of 7

    Tip 6!

    No matter if it's a vintage coat, a vintage shirt, or a vintage blanket, before it arrives in your home throw it in the dryer!! This prevents any little sneaky bedbugs making their way into your home!

    Gintro: $70

You can find more personal style tips, thoughts on city life, and cute toddler pictures over on LaTonya’s blog.

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