5 Ways to Wear a Blazer


I’ll always stress how important timeless pieces are. In fact, a black blazer seems to get more use in my own wardrobe than anything else. I’ve mastered the art of blazer wearing from a regular workday to running errands on the weekend. Yes, I have made the blazer casual. In fact, I wear it so much, I have 3 of the exact same blazer and while as a mom I rarely dry clean, I make the exception on my most beloved piece. Here are my favorite five ways to style a blazer.

  • The Classic Blazer 1 of 6

    A black blazer is a staple in anyone's wardrobe, simply because of the many looks one can get out of one easy piece.  

  • Weekend Cool 2 of 6

    You have seen this a million times, the boyfriend jean (2), the loose top (1) and booties (3). But for the million and one time, it works…on anyone.

  • Monday Morning Blues 3 of 6

    Mixing black and blue is like breaking the "rules." Rules are for chumps and I've never been one to like them. Go one step further and add a pop of color with your shoes (2) to make your blue dress (1) stand out. 

  • Charmed and Cinched 4 of 6

    Wearing your blazer over a dress (1) is basic blazer wearing 101, but add a brooch (3)  and or a belt (2) , and take your look to the next level.

  • Glamourized Style 5 of 6

    While most women would prefer a caplet or a shawl with their evening gowns (1), I've always been fond of a man who would throw his jacket on a lady. Well, this lady rocks her own jacket. Clutch (2) and heels (3) sold separately. 

  • Mom Style 6 of 6

    This seems to be the most common around these here parts. A pair of sneakers (3), a hoodie (1) and a blazer is like a uniform. Like I said before, I managed to make a blazer casual. Wear with jeans or shorts (4) and if you're like me, hoops (2) are a must. 

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