7 Tips for Reselling Your Clothes


Maybe this will give you the motivation to finally get rid of the clothes you never wear: Think of them as money! We all have pants that that don’t fit, skirts that aren’t in fashion, or dresses that we simply never reach for, even though we loved them when we tried them on in the store. The reasons are not important. The fact that they are taking up valuable space — and represent a cash opportunity — is what counts! But how do you go about selling your stuff? And what sells the best? Jackie Morgan from Sell it Now NY has made a business out of conducting closet cleanses and helping clients sell their unwanted wares on eBay so that they can buy new things they really want.

In this 3 Minute Makeover episode, Jackie gives me tips for maximizing value — save those shoe boxes! — and what you should keep in mind about reselling your clothes when you are buying in the first place.

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