8 Sturdy, Stylish, and Affordable Clothing Brands for Boys


With my two little boys, both of whom are active, busy, and curious, I have learned to look for clothing for them that is durable and well made, but also comfy and stylish. I want my boys to look good, feel good, and be able to wear their clothes for a long time without falling apart. However, I also don’t want to spend a lot of their clothes because they grow out of them so fast.

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite brands of clothing I use for my boys, all of which sell cute pieces that have held up really well for us and  are affordable.

Click through for our favorites, and a few ways my boys style them!

  • Our Favorite Places to Shop for Boys 1 of 12
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    Click through for my 8 favorite places to shop for my boys!

  • Children’s Place 2 of 12

    A lot of the clothing in the Children's Place is slightly more expensive than I would normally spend on clothes for my boys, but their sale section and their outlets always have amazing deals. Their clothing is well made, and a lot of it is really appealing to my 3-year-old, like this helicopter graphic tee. 

    tee: children's place $5.99
    jeans: c/o tea collection $39
    converse: c/o kohl's $24.99

  • Tea Collection 3 of 12

    Tea Collection is also on the higher end of my price range for kids clothes, but their pieces are so stylish, so comfortable, and super well made. Plus, the collection is sold at Nordstrom, so you can pick them up during the big sales!

    hoodie:  c/o tea collection $23.95
    shorts: similar from kohl's $5.99 on sale
    converse: c/o kohl's $24.99

  • H&M 4 of 12

    I don't think that H&M has a particularly great selection for girls clothing, but I love their boy clothing. (Complete opposite from every other children's store in the world, right?)

    Their prices are always great, they have the most stylist clothing around, and they're pretty well made. 

    top: h&m $12.95
    shorts: similar from kohl's $12.80
    sandals: old navy $3
    hat: h&m

  • Old Navy 5 of 12

    Old Navy is my go to for a lot of my kids clothes. We've had this onesie from Old Navy for three years and it still looks brand new, and is one of my favorite pieces for my kids. 

    Onesie: Old Navy $12.94

  • Kapital K 6 of 12

    Kapital K is a recent brand that I heard about, and they sent us several things for our boys. Already I've been impressed by the quality of the fabric, and their styles are pretty darn cute. 

    Shirt: c/o Kapital K

    Overalls: Target $17


  • Joules 7 of 12

    Joules is another recent discovery. And although they have slightly higher prices too, their clothes are amazingly well made. This sweater for my 1-year-old is so cozy and stylish. Plus, they have gorgeous clothing for mommies too! 

    Also, I always put my baby in girl leggings from Target they're comfy and cute, and they have so many options that aren't girly at all!

    Sweater: c/o Joules $47

    Leggings: Target $5


  • Target 8 of 12

    Who does not love Target?! I'm always impressed with their kids clothes, and they always have amazing prices. Their shorts in particular are some of our favorite buys, but their waffle tees are right up there as well. 

    button up: h&m $12.95

    shorts: target $4.50 on clearance!

    converse: c/o kohl's $24.99

  • Kids Winter Style 9 of 12

    During the winter, my 3-year-old loves to wear hats to keep warm (my 1-year-old will not keep them on to save his life). These comfy ones trapper ones from Kapital K are fun, comfy, and cute. 

    Hat: c/o Kapital K

  • Park Style 10 of 12

    This waffle weave shirt from Kapital K is so cute and so incredibly sturdy. Perfect for a day at the park.  

    Top: c/o Kapital K

    Jeans: c/o tea collection $39

    converse: c/o kohl's $24.99

  • Kid Adventure Style 11 of 12

    Old Navy's skinny jeans are a favorite for my three year old they're sturdy, so cute, and almost always on sale. 

    Jeans: Old Navy $16

    Tee: Kohl's

    Boots: Old Navy $14

  • Stylish Boys 12 of 12

    My boys are always playing in the dirt and grass, and these pieces withstand a million washes. 

    Jacket: c/o Kapital K

    Tee: Target $10

    Jeans: c/o tea collection $39

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