Affordable GAP Menswear from Best New Menswear Designers in America


Once again, GAP and GQ magazine teamed up to offer affordable menswear from GQ‘s Best New Menswear Designers in America 2013.

The limited-edition collections are on sale at GAP right now, from up-and-coming designers Aviator Nation, Bespoken, Ernest Alexander, and Baldwin.

Check out some of my favorite looks from GAP’s exclusive designer menswear:

  • GAP x GQ: Exclusive Menswear Collection 1 of 18

    Here are the five designers awarded as GQ's Best New Menswear Designers for 2013 — and click through for a peek at their exclusive GAP collections...

  • Aviator Nation: Reversible Puffer Vest 2 of 18

     Aviation Nation, designed by Paige Mycoskie, has a cool 70s California vibe with a lived-in feel.

    GAP, $88

  • Aviator Nation: Mountain Graphic Sweatshirt 3 of 18

     Mycoskie develops her own graphics and fabric washes, giving her clothes an authentically vintage vibe.

    GAP, $45

  • Aviator Nation: Surf Sweatpants 4 of 18

     Designer sweatshirts? Why not.

    GAP, $45

  • Aviation Nation: Pom Pom Beanie 5 of 18

     That's so 70s.

    GAP, $30

  • Aviator Nation: Striped Scarf 6 of 18

     ...with a matching scarf.

    GAP, $30

  • Baldwin: Ribbed Sweater 7 of 18

     If your man has a minimalist and modern aesthetic, check out the collection from Kansas City-based Matt Baldwin.

    GAP, $68


  • Baldwin: Three Bar T 8 of 18

     Even his basic tees are chic.

    GAP, $30


  • Baldwin: Henley Fit Jeans 9 of 18

     This designer denim is dark-wash raw selvedge.

    GAP, $98


  • Baldwin: Twill Cargo Pants 10 of 18

     These aren't your ordinary camo pants, gentlemen.

    GAP, $78


  • Bespoken: Mackintosh Jacket 11 of 18

     Bespoken is a modern menswear line from brothers Liam and Sammy Fayed — and they sure know how to make you look sharp.

    GAP, $138

  • Bespoken: Shrunken Tweed Blazer 12 of 18

     Like this stylish tweed blazer — a must in the modern man's closet.

    GAP, $118


  • Bespoken: Moleskin Jeans 13 of 18

     Because doesn't every man need the perfect pair of black pants?

    GAP, $88


  • Bespoken: Oxford Shrunken Collar Shirt 14 of 18

     GAP is also carrying a few Bespoken button-downs that straddle the line between casual cool and polished professional.

    GAP, $60


  • Bespoken: Tweed Tie 15 of 18

     Add a little texture with this chic tweed tie.

    GAP, $30


  • Ernest Alexander: Four-Pocket Waxed Jacket 16 of 18

     Ernest Alexander is described as "rugged yet refined" — taking a man from the workday to the weekend in effortless style.

    GAP, $128


  • Ernest Alexander: Waxed Canvas Rucksack 17 of 18

    GAP is carrying a few Ernest Alexander bags: a tote, a duffle bag, and this stylish backpack.

    GAP, $108


  • Ernest Alexander: Knit Tie 18 of 18

     A tie that'll make an outfit look polished and put-together.

    GAP, $38