All the Fall Overalls


I am a huge supporter of the overalls. They are such a quintessential summer piece. I’d never thought to wear my overalls into the fall, but what a silly mistake! Overalls go with fall like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Here are some of my favorite overalls (all available on eBay and all for a steal of a price), and some styling ideas too. Enjoy!

  • Denim Pencil Romper 1 of 6

    The slim leg on these is beyond amazing, and the styling is perfection. Hat? Blazer? Oxford shirt? Keds? Come on, you're killing me. 

    Get them on eBay HERE, $20.99

  • Vintage Lee Overalls 2 of 6

    The seller lists these vintage overalls as perfect for a Halloween costume, but look at that neckline! That neckline is perfect for LIFE! I can't get over what a great deal these are. 

    Get them on eBay HERE, $40.00

  • Corduroy Overalls 3 of 6

    Allow me to go on record as saying I fully support the corduroy overalls. 

    Get them on eBay HERE, $29.99

  • Distressed Jean Romper 4 of 6

    Braided denim and lace? Wear it over a chunky fisherman sweater and you've got yourself the holy trinity of fall overalls.

    Get them on eBay HERE, $28.99

  • Casual Jumpsuit Romper 5 of 6

    Exactly how these are styled. EXACTLY.

    Get them on eBay HERE, $20

  • Overall Shorts 6 of 6

    Your time with these puppies is limited, so do it now before it gets too cold! You'll want a really chunky fall cardigan, some booties or oxfords (or some Birkenstocks over wool socks, come on, you know you want to!) and a wool hat. And a scarf! Why not! 

    Get them on eBay HERE, $17.99