Babble + Etsy: Curated Picks


This month there is a pretty cool collaboration going on between Babble and Etsy that you should probably check out. Babble has been invited to curate a collection of favorites for Etsy and I was invited to create my very own page of favorites within the collection! I had so much fun sharing items from some of my favorite Etsy shops and I hope you guys will check it out! Here are ten clothing and accessory favorites from my collection to get you started, then you can head over to see the rest!

  • Prickly Mountain Waxed Canvas Bag 1 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    Pendleton wool + waxed canvas + just doesn't get any better than that.

    Purchase for $172.00 from Shelter Protects You on Etsy


  • Handmade Unisex Cropped Spot Sweater 2 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    We own a few items from Fable Baby and this sweatshirt is a newer one that is definitely on my wish list. The little polka dots and rolled sleeves are perfection!

    Purchase for $47.49 from Fable Baby on Etsy


  • Camel Girls Boiled Wool Cape 3 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    I pretty much love everything from Sewn Natural on Etsy, but this boiled wool cape is definitely one of my favorites from her shop. Simultaneously classic and whimsical - perfect for a little girl.

    Purchase for $75.00 from Sewn Natural on Etsy

  • Green Bow Tie For Toddlers 4 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    Rain or Shine shop is filled to the brim with accessory goodness, but this bow tie really makes me swoon.

    Purchase for $15.00 from Rain or Shine Shop on Etsy


  • Charcoal Dot Tote 5 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    A cute all-seasons patterned purse. And I love that the bottom is leather, because I've ruined many a tote by setting its cloth bottom on top of something unsavory.

    Purchase for $132.00 from Anna Joyce on Etsy


  • Best Friends Charm Shirt Set 6 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    My daughter and her little bestie have these shirts and they are the cutest! We actually have a few Mama Case Prints shirts around here and love them all!

    Purchase for $40.00 from Mama Case Prints on Etsy


  • Back to Basics Circle Earrings – Bronze 7 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    Simple studs are my jam when it comes to earrings and I almost never leave the house without wearing them. These are a great pair that would match with everything - dressed up or down.

    Purchase for $40.00 from Upper Metal Class on Etsy


  • Black Leather Everyday Tote Bag 8 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    This leather tote looks positively sumptuous and I definitely wouldn't mind if it was living in my closet.

    Purchase for $90.00 from Patkas on Etsy


  • Oversized Everyday Girls Dress 9 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    These oversizde dresses for little girls are SO cute! I think they have them in adult sizes as well and they come in a variety of colors. The heather grey one is on my wish list for my daughter.

    Purchase similar for $30.00 from Patkas on Etsy


  • William Baby Boy Shoes 10 of 10
    Babble on Etsy: Curated Picks

    I know everyone says baby shoes are unnecessary, but who cares when they're this cute! My daughter wore baby shoes all the time since she was a winter baby and these would be so cute for the cold months!

    Purchase for $40.00 from Pink 2 Blue on Etsy


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