Baby to Toddler - Fashion Tips You Need to Know


Motherhood 2There are a lot of stages between a newborn baby and a walking toddler. It’s hard to understand the nuances of each phase until it’s almost over. Before you live through it, you’re clueless. When I had my first child, Rockwell, I had no idea what clothes I needed and when. I was having to do laundry a ton, because I only had a few pairs of pajamas. There were times that I had to change his outfit 3-5 times in one day! Even more heartbreaking, are the things in his closet with the tags still on them. You buy them, but they never get to wear them. Whether it’s bad seasonal timing, age appropriateness, or I just bought too many of something. It can be a real bummer, especially when you are wanting your wardrobe budget to stretch as far as possible. Once I had my second little guy, Phoenix, I knew what to do, and was amazed at how much easier it made my life. Read through the fashion tips below, and hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes I did.

This information is also a good cheat sheet for any non-moms out there who find themselves invited to baby showers, without any idea what to buy as a gift. Most of the clothes I received at my baby shower were for the first month of his life, when they are growing super fast. I had to return a bunch of clothing items and spread out the sizes. So listen up all you friends, aunts, sisters, coworkers, etc., and take notes!

Photo courtesy of Michelle Herrick

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