BANGS Shoes | Where Do You Stand on Change?


In June 2010, after completion of a year long contract teaching English in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province, Hannah Davis founded BANGS Shoes as a way to connect people to an ideology she felt passionate about. Her inspiration for the BANGS Shoe design was found in the olive green, army-style shoes worn by thousands of construction and field workers across China.

Wear Good

Each pair of BANGS has an icon stitched on the outside heel to help remind you which cause and nonprofit your Bangs support. 20% of net profits made from each pair of BANGS are invested in its nonprofit partner. I love that they come in different colors to support different issues. To find out more information go to The Issues.


BANGS has partnered with incredible nonprofit organizations that focus on sustainable methods of development and would cease to exist without their nonprofit partners whose focus is long-term positive change.

If you can’t see the video above go to: Bangs Shoes: Stand on Issues to help others stand on their own.

We are in an era where combining philanthropy and business is not only accepted, but demanded by a socially conscious generation of consumers. I believe, along with many others today, that individuals are capable of affecting widespread positive change.

Where Do You Stand on Change?