Closet Organizing Ideas: How to Organize Scarves


I’ve shared my love (read: obsession) with scarves many many times. Turns out, I have this collection of scarves that seems to be constantly growing. Every season, I find myself adding new colors and patterns and fabrics, because I’m a pretty big believer that every outfit looks a whole lot cuter and more stylish with a scarf. That said, lots of scarves equals a big storage and organization issue and I got sick of dealing with tangled scarves all the time. Which is why, thanks to a tip I originally spied on Pinterest, I decided to get real and get organized! Click through for this super easy idea for how to organize scarves – and be sure to check out these 5 ways to tie a scarf, too!

  • How to Organize Scarves 1 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    Click through for a chic and simple way to organize your scarves and beat the tangle!

  • Grab Your Supplies 2 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    To get started you'll need a stash of scarves in need of organizing, clothes hangers, and shower curtain rings. I always use thin velvet hangers in our closet (from TJMaxx) and metal shower curtain rings (from Target), but any hangers and rings will do!

  • Loop Each Scarf on a Ring 3 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    Begin by opening up your shower curtain rings and looping a scarf through each one. If you have infinity scarves, the same technique will work, you'll just have to unclip the ring each time you wear it instead of slipping it through the loop. 

  • Clip the Rings to Your Hanger 4 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    Clip each ring to the hanger, being sure to untangle and smooth down the tails of the scarves as you go. This will keep them neat and tidy in your closet without any fuss!

  • Organize by Color and Season 5 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    I prefer to organize my scarves first by color and then season. Scarves of similar hues are grouped together to make it easy to find the right scarf for whatever outfit I might be wearing. I also keep all-seasons scarves separate from those thicker, wool and knitted scarves generally reserved for winter.

  • Use as Many Hangers as You Need 6 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    Use as many hangers as you need to organize all of your scarves. I find that each hanger can generally accommodate 8 to 10 scarves, depending on their thickness and weight.

  • Tuck ‘Em Away 7 of 7
    How to Organize Scarves

    Voila! Now just tuck your hangers in your closet. When you're ready to pick one out to wear, just pull out the hanger, slip off the scarf you want, and place the hanger back. No more shuffling, ruffling, or untangling! 

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