Dressing Your Way To A Younger, Fresher Wardrobe

We all have that one cousin, aunt, and/or friend who is shopping with their daughter in the teen section in an effort to look younger. I get the idea, the concept they are trying to achieve but more often than not, it backfires. The look is too “teen” driven and at the end, making a gorgeous woman look older than they actually are. The same can be said about a woman who looks younger and dresses older in hopes of looking more sophisticated. Both, if not done properly can have reverse affects. Here are a few tips on dressing fun and fresh while still looking young but sophisticated. The method is a lot easier than you think.

  • Stay Young & Fresh 1 of 11

    Discover the tips to a younger, fresher wardrobe that works for you in 2014. 

  • Shop The Juniors Department 2 of 11

    If the sizing fits, then go ahead and shop the Juniors department because at the end of the day, it is more affordable. I still shop at Forever21, despite the funny looks I get from the 14 year olds chipping their nail polishes in the checkout line. You know why? Because they have a section called Love21 which caters to an age-appropriate crowd. 

    Skirt available at Forever21, $19.80

  • Focus On Fit, Not On Size 3 of 11

    I swear that I am a size 4. I have always been a 4 and will always be a 4, but in order to avoid a muffin top then I must wear a 6 in jeans. Why? Because I really am not a 4 and like most women, I might have a little trouble accepting this. What happens when I try to go for the 4? They are too tight and uncomfortable and I look as though I'm trying a bit too hard, So I go home with a 6. I simply cut out the tag and then all is right with the world. Moral of the story? Who cares about the size, if it zips then it fits! 

    Wonderfit Jeans available at Asda, $25

  • Enjoy Trends But Embrace Classics 4 of 11
    Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.58.51 PM

    I can get into quite a few trends for 2014. A few seasons ago when neon was all the rage, I tried on a neon yellow jacket. It wasn't really my style, but it was hugely popular. I wisely chose to leave it behind and decided to have fun with the neon trend by way of my nail polish, brightly colored lipstick, and a make-up bag that I used as a clutch. My jacket remain of the black blazer variety and my dresser drawers are filled with an endless array of classic striped tops. 


    You can always enjoy trends in small doses, but classics will never fail you.

  • Arm Parties & Simplicity 5 of 11
    Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.54.55 PM

    They say that 2013 was the year that arm parties died out and that grown women needed to stop wearing them. Well, they got the side eye from me. Personally, I still love them. However, you should follow a few rules. Opt for simplicity. Mix and match 3-4 smaller pieces, or try mixed metals. 

  • Upgrade Your Sneakers 6 of 11

    I do not care if your Jordans cost you an arm and a leg, wearing them outside of a basketball court looks silly for anyone other than a 16-year-old teenage boy. I've seen one too many women wearing them with skinny jeans that my heart skips a beat. Keds were amazing back in the day and with fun collaborations like the one with Kate Spade, your shoe game just got that much better. 

    Available at Keds, $75

  • Embrace Your Curves 7 of 11

    Most mommies have them. Remember that not every style or piece is cut to fit those curves either. Take low rise jeans, for instance. While they look sexy and make me wish I could bounce back after childbirth like a Victoria's Secret model right before the big show, it just won't happen. Instead, I opt for a mid-rise denim that flatters my backside better than Gisselle's! 

    Jeans available at the Limited, $52.43

  • Invest In Key Pieces 8 of 11
    Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.56.38 PM

    Some items are worth the splurge, especially items that will last a good decade in your closet despite the insane amount of wear you'll get from them. It's always worth investing in a little black dress. This will make your wardrobe more chic and nothing says youth like a chic wardrobe. 

  • Focus On Details 9 of 11

    A simple cardigan usually looks great. But the boring buttons eventually might make you feel frumpy. In my opinion, nothing ages you faster than a frumpy spell. Either find a piece with fabulous buttons or get creative and swag them out yourself for a more affordable DIY style. 

    Available at Bloomingdale's, $225

  • Embrace Colors & Prints 10 of 11

    Black, grey, and navy are a chic, sophisticated color combo, but they can also be dull and somber at times. Give your wardrobe a little refresher and add a few bold pieces to liven up the mix. 

    Dress available at Forever21, $20

  • Have Fun 11 of 11
    Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.57.49 PM

    At the end of the day, my tips are just guidelines. There are never any die hard rules. In fact, I tend to break them myself at times. When we get to a certain age we have simply earned the right to wear whatever we want, whether it is head to toe black or vintage tea length dresses. Go for it!

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