Fleur + Dot Summer-to-Fall Styles


When I am shopping for my daughter, there are quite a few things I take into consideration, but overall the most important thing to me is versatility. Sweet, little dresses are definitely cute, but a lot of times they are one trick ponies. I tend to be drawn most to separates that can be worn together or mixed and matched, and though I do throw in some cute dresses here and there, I like them to be super wearable — kid-friendly and stylish. The kind of dresses that you can only wear to church or weddings aren’t really my cup of tea. I also like pieces that can transition seamlessly between seasons —  great pieces that can create summer-to-fall outfits or winter-to-spring.

This is why I love the children’s clothing line Fleur + Dot. I love that the line is made up of amazing mix-and-match pieces (the pattern mixing potential is insane) and that even the dresses are great for every day wear or a special occasion. Completely versatile.

So while all the fall/winter styles are making their way in, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite spring/summer styles from Fleur + Dot that will transition right from summer to fall in a perfectly seamless way.

  • The Golden Girl Sleeveless Peter Pan Collar Dress 1 of 4
    Fleur + Dot Summer To Fall Styles

    This is exactly the kind of dress that I love for little girls. Totally chic but still wearable for actual kid activities. And the pop of orange and polka dots add just the right amount of whimsy.

    Purchase dress for $88.00 from Fleur + Dot

  • Ocean Blue Wide-Leg Trouser + Anchors Away Peter Pan Collar Blouse 2 of 4
    Fleur + Dot Summer To Fall Styles

    If my little one was a wee bit taller and a little less clumsy, I would totally buy this outfit — wide-leg trousers on a child are just about the chicest thing on the planet. These trousers and the top could easily be mixed and matched into a little one's fall wardrobe. 

    Purchase trousers for $66.00 and blouse for $72.00 from Fleur + Dot

  • Red on Pink Dot Wide-Leg Trouser + Line and Dot Peter Plan Collar Blouse 3 of 4
    Fleur + Dot Summer To Fall Styles

    Did I mention how much I love these wide-leg trousers? Pink is a wardrobe color staple year-round as far as little girls are concerned and when the weather turns chilly, a little cardigan would warm this outfit right up.

    Purchase trousers for $66.00 and blouse for $64.00 from Fleur + Dot

  • Gretel’s Garden Pocket Skirt + Anchors Away Peter Pan Collar Blouse 4 of 4
    Fleur + Dot Summer To Fall Styles

    This is my favorite outfit of the bunch. The colors work equally well for summer and fall and the long sleeves are great for colder months. Add a pair of cozy tall socks and your little one is ready for autumnal style!

    Purchase skirt for $68.00 and blouse for $72.00 from Fleur + Dot

See more from the Fleur + Dot spring/summer 2013 collection here and find your own favorite summer to fall styles!


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