Gandzee — A Wardrobe Collection For Your Kids


As a stylist, I am used to curating wardrobes for adults. There’s a great need out there, with work schedules, activities, and events. But what about for your little ones? What if time is something you don’t have much of, and going from store to store isn’t in the cards. There is online shopping. But I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Buy one sweater – check. One pair of shoes – check. The items arrive and you notice your child has outgrown all of her pants. So there you find yourself once again on the Internet scouring for a pair of pants. And oy, all of those shipping fees? Not okay.

Gandzee takes care of all of those issues. Their stylists pick out a season’s worth of fashion forward kids clothing for your child. Like a fully stocked order from, Gandzee pieces arrive at your front door. The items are made to be mixed and matched throughout the season for more wears.

If you aren’t into purchasing a whole outfit, that’s fine too. Gandzee offers single pieces that come from eco-conscious and boutique designers.

Below are my Gandzee favorites!



//Heart Printed Jeans for $46//Owl Dress for $52//Polka Dot Cardigan for $49//Rosette Necklace for $25//

Be sure to check Gandzee’s blog while you’re at it!