Gift Wrapping Can Be Fashionable, Green, and Gorgeous

Gift WrapA few years ago, I found myself in a bind. A friend was stopping by unexpectedly and I needed to wrap a present for her quick. I was out of traditional wrapping paper. I didn’t even have a gift bag that I could reuse. I remembered my grandma would wrap our gifts with the comic section of the newspaper, but who gets news from papers these days? I kept looking around my place for a solution. I found something perfect, a growing mound of fashion magazines. The past issues of Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, Interview, and ELIZA loomed like towers in a small metropolis. Using the stylish, glossy pages as gift wrap was also a great way of fighting the urban sprawl that was taking over my living space. The finished product elicited oohs and aahs, and now wrapping with fashion magazines is one of my favorite holiday tradition. Here are the 5 most important tips I have learned while wrapping with magazines (watch a video on the subject here) and below are 10 creative ideas for gift toppers.

1. Pick Your Paper

Because you are the one who bought the magazines in your house, you probably already like the asthetics that you find within the pages. I also like to think of the person who will be getting the gift. If it’s for the man in my life, I might go for that Hugo Boss ad. For my mom, maybe a flowered landscape. An artistic fashion spread, could go to a friend. Colors make a big difference too. Each magazine has a large variety of color palates and textures, be thoughtful and use your creative instincts.

2. Shape Up

I recommend using large format magazine’s because they cover more space. W would be great, Teen Vogue, not as much. If your gift is larger than one page, you can choose one of two ways to cover that gift. First, tape each page onto the gift itself. This can help you place exactly what you want where. One side can have a beautiful face with red lips, and the other can have a product page with this season’s best red fashion items. You can line it up in the most artistic way. The alternative option, is to tape a few pages together. This works the best if it’s a large gift, and if you choose pages that compliment each other like a quilt, a very stylish quilt.

3. Execution

Even more so than wrapping with traditional wrapping paper, how you wrap can make the difference between a sloppy mess and gift perfection. Make sure to cut off any excess paper, which will give you smoother ends. Crease the paper on each fold, to add a crisp feel. Use clear tape, and use it sparingly. The beautiful photography on the pages, might be enough to stand alone. If so, stop right here. Don’t add things just to add things. But if you want to add more visual interest do it with purpose.

4. Ribbons

When choosing ribbons it comes down to 2 things: color and quality. I collect ribbon throughout the year, from gifts to crafts. You can also use vintage scarves or hair bands (see below for some ideas).

5. Toppers

Who doesn’t want a gift on top of their gift? A broach or ring can substitute for a bow any day. The sky is really the limit when it comes to stylish toppers. You can even pull out your broken jewelry and put that to good use. Lost an earring? Pop the other one on top of that present! See below for more ideas:

When it comes to gifts, everyone knows it’s the thought that matters. This wrapping shows that you are thoughtful with the planet and your friends. Here’s to being a gracious giver, may your gifts bring warm smiles to each person who receives them.
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Article Posted 2 years Ago
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