Gisele for H&M: My Favorite Pieces


Have you seen the gorgeous new collaboration with Gisele and H&M? I absolutely love her style, so I knew this team up would be good and it is! Perfect staple pieces for fall and winter at amazing H&M prices. Here are my favorites from the collection:

  • Gisele for H&M 1 of 8
    gisele for hm

    Click through to see my favorite pieces! 

  • Patterned Tunic 2 of 8
    patterned tunic

    An absolutely stunning must-have tunic for fall—this may be my favorite piece in the collection! 

    Get it for $14.95 from H&M

  • Double-breasted Coat 3 of 8
    double breasted coat

    This double-breasted coat is even more perfect when paired with the leather leggings from the collection.

    Get it for $29.95 from H&M

  • Chiffon blouse 4 of 8
    chiffon blouse

    I love the military-ish inspiration behind this chiffon blouse, and it's on major sale right now!

    Get it for $5 (Regularly $24.95) from H&M

  • Biker pants 5 of 8
    biker pants

    love the added detail above the knees, which gives you an ultra-slimming look! 

    Get them for $34.95 from H&M

  • Faux fur vest 6 of 8
    faux fur vest

    I am not usually a vest girl in the least bit, but I would definitely make an exception for this one. Super stylish and comfortable!

    Get it for $59.95 from H&M

  • Imitation Leather Pants 7 of 8
    imitation leather pants

    Absolutely love these army green leather pants! They aren't leggings, so they are perfect for tucking blouses into! 

    Get them for $9.95 from H&M

  • Gold rings 8 of 8
    gold rings

    Thin gold rings are all the rage these days and this set comes in 15 sizes. Gorgeous!

    Get them for $4.95 from H&M

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