How NOT to Dress Your Family for Holiday Photos

While you’re prepping for holiday photos we have some tips for exactly what NOT to wear. Simple changes like avoiding bold patterns can make a big difference. Who knew that going nude would be a fashion no-no? These totally awkward holiday photos are a great guide for style misshaps. And so, I’m offering this simple phrase to kids from one to ninety-two, altho’ it’s been said many times many ways “Make your Christmas photo look good too.”

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  • Christmas Eve and Adam, and Adam, and Adam 2 of 26

    Avoid dressing your family in leaves and Santa hats only.
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  • O Little Town of Horror 3 of 26

    Might want to ditch the terrifying clown costume and stick with just Santa.
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  • O Family Christmas Tree 4 of 26

    Taking photos at a tree lot would have been fine.
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  • You’re My Christmas Present 5 of 26

    No need to dress the family as one.
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  • Away in A Manger No Crib for a Dog Bed 6 of 26

    Pup can be in the photo, but dressing him up as the baby Jesus…something doesn't seem right.
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  • Do You See What I See? 7 of 26

    Sticking with a busy pattern on a shag couch doesn't exactly call attention to those pretty faces.
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  • I’ll Be Aglow for Christmas 8 of 26

    Keep the  holiday lights for the tree and the house.
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  • Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly and Nothing Else 9 of 26

    Nothing wrong with adding a hint of holiday green to your photo, unless it's the only thing you're wearing.
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  • Good Tidings of Sports Bras and Joy 10 of 26

    Not sure the whole story behind this photo, but even a white t-shirt is better than this.
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  • Peace on Earth and Good Patterns to Men 11 of 26

    Patterns are great if they are subtle. 
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  • Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas 12 of 26

    The suspenders are kind of amazing, the sunglasses are epic, but Mom's ivory outfit has got to go. Break up your outfit with a different color sweater or accessory. 
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  • It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Halloween 13 of 26

    Stick with a theme like holiday colors, not Halloween costumes.
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  • Ma in Her Kerchief and I in My Cap… 14 of 26

    Plus all the kids in their caps, and Grandparents, and the babies. Let your personalities shine in the photo instead of hiding them behind giant nightgowns and nightcaps.
    Find out more at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Let it Snow, Let’s Say No, Let’s Say No 15 of 26

    Say no to dressing the kids up like they're from the beginning of the 20th century with retro hairstyles.
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  • A Christmas Long Ago 16 of 26

    If you're going to reenact the Nativity at least make the kids something more exciting than sheep.
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  • Have a Holly, Homemade Christmas 17 of 26

    A touch of homemade is great for accessories or dresses, but homemade shirts about your pet might not be the best call.
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  • Percy, The Puny Poinsettias… 18 of 26

    Are hanging their blooms in dismay. Leave the poinsettias for the porch.
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  • Santa Baby… 19 of 26

    Hurry and get some clothes on tonight. Spend the time picking out an outfit. It will be worth it in the end.
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  • With Candy Canes and Lots of Stripes a No Go 20 of 26

    Bold stripes are definitely considered a distracting pattern.
    Find out more at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Hark The Herald Angels Sing 21 of 26

    "Put clothes on you crazy thing." Sad to say that a diaper and a sash don't exactly work for a holiday outfit when you're a grown man. Also, if Baby is in a diaper make sure it's clean.
    Find out more at Awkward Family Photos.

  • What Child is This… 22 of 26

    Who lay to rest all wrapped up like a holiday hostage victim. Lights can be cute, but not when the child looks like he or she is being held captive.
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  • Good King Worchestershire Sauce 23 of 26

    Mom and Dad, meat tuxedos have got to go.
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  • On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Said to Me 24 of 26

    Try to coordinate your clothes please! That means no Irish pub sweatshirts.
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  • I Saw Three Kids Go Sailing By 25 of 26

    Oh wait, those are adults? Let the adorable baby take center stage in the PJs.
    Find out more at Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous.

  • Rudolph the Red Nose Pregnant Woman 26 of 26

    A cute holiday dress works great too.
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