Jimmy Kimmel Interviews NYFW Attendees About Made-up Designers & They Respond


I just couldn’t help but share this funny little video from Jimmy Kimmel Live wherein he sends a crew out to NYFW to wait outside Lincoln Center and interview attendees and fashion lovers alike about their favorite designers and runway collections as they emerged from the shows.

Except the goal was to poke fun at fashion and the questions Jimmy’s team were asking were about designers who they had made up, like George Costanza, for instance. And even though these designers don’t exist, when asked how Eddie Munster’s show was, one attendee responded “um, good aesthetic.” In this special edition of Lie Witness News – Fashion Week 2013 these kids are so afraid of looking like they don’t know what’s going on, that they all lie about these made up designers and collections. When showed a photo of a runway model with a watermelon on his head, one attendee went so far as to say: “It’s called fashion, look it up.”

Watch it here…