Mad Men-Inspired Fashion: 10 Mod Looks to Wear This Spring



(Photos courtesy of AMC)

The final season of Mad Men has officially started. The year is 1969, and oh, the times they are a changin’. The first episode hinted at the fashion shift. Gone are any hints of the ’50s; instead it’s looking straight ahead into the 1970s. Costume designer, Janie Bryant, will be able to have a lot of fun this season because there is so much going on, fashion-wise. I can’t wait to see how each character develops. Although, Don Draper seems to be unmoved, all the other characters are adapting. The chić simplicity of the sleek suits, skinny ties, and knee-length skirts are starting to wane. Hem lines are rising, even on conservative Peggy Olson. Ties are bulky and loud, which aren’t the only questionable choices Roger Sterling is making. Polyester is prevalent, patterns are poppier, and shoes are getting a lift.

The two characters I am most interested in watching are Sally Draper, who is at the perfect age to experiment with different looks, and Megan Draper, who is showing us around stylish LA. Her fabulous first look was cinematic perfection. Below, I have curated some of my favorite 1969 styles that you can incorporate into your wardrobe today. There’s so much to be inspired by. Tune in every sunday (click here for the complete schedule) to watch Mad Men and feast on nonstop 1969 fashion including California hippy cool, rebel flower power, refreshed mod, preppy polish, and more.

If you are still as excited as we are about the upcoming fashion, check out our homage to the 1970s. Brooke and I show you some of our favorite items from our closets that show off the groovy fashions that Mad Men are just starting to hint at. Check out some awesome ’70s-inspired fashions here!

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