Maternity Ward Style: What To Pack For A Cozy Stay

I have super powers. I can grow tiny people in my body. Yup, and this is the second time that I’ve done it! (The newest addition to our family is due in February.) Don’t worry, I’ll try and spare you the horror stories of pain and tears. But with that said, my baby boy is coming very soon and nothing has been done. The least I can do is learn from the first experience and actually pack a bag for my hospital stay!

The first time around, I went into labor 3 weeks early while I was at work. I headed into the hospital in a little black dress and a smokey eye. Not exactly appropriate hospital wear. I was doing make up at an event when my client informed me that my back aches were actually contractions. I had no idea. My husband had to stop at home and throw a few things into a bag and meet me in the maternity ward.

This time, I will get everything ready and kindly leave it by the door because if this baby is anything like his sister, then he is coming early.

Here is everything I need to stay cozy during the craziness that is labor.

  • What To Pack In Advance of Labor 1 of 11

    I learned the hard way during my first pregnancy in 2009! This time, I'll be prepared!

  • A Roomy Overnight Bag 2 of 11

    I remember packing up to go home and the nurses being so kind as they had to give us extra EVERYTHING! We had nowhere to put my personal items and they had to give us a box. I think they felt bad because at age 25, I looked like I could've auditioned for Teen Mom. A nice large bag would have made me appear a bit more prepared and sophisticated. 

    Weekend Bag available at Sole Society, $69.50

  • A Separate Diaper Bag For The New Baby 3 of 11
    Diaper Bag

    I carried everything I could in my baby's diaper bag. The nurses will give you brushes, bottles, blankets, diapers, wipes, samples of everything and anything. You'll need a place to put it. This is the diaper bag I would like to have. (Ahem...Mr. Garza?!)

    Available at The Land Of Nod, $199

  • Mom’s Stay Outfit For The Hospital 4 of 11

    I wore a sleep shirt the entire time I was in the hospital after my labor. Why a sleep shirt and not a full PJ set you ask? I'll be blunt. I was in pain after labor and you probably will be too. Pants are not your friend, honey. Enjoy the comforts of a sleep shirt, trust me. 

    Sleep Tee available at Victoria's Secret, $35 or 2/$39.50 

  • Headbands To Hold Your Hair Back 5 of 11

    I was huffin' and puffin' my daughter out into the world while my husband sang along to Coldplay. It was hot and my blow out didn't last 5 minutes. Was he cooling me off or wiping my with a little towel? No, he was apparently aunditioning for American Idol. So unless my curls plan on staying in a frizz-free place (wishful thinking), then a headband is a must. 

    Available at Forever21, $3

  • Beauty Essentials 6 of 11

    I actually did my make up for labor. I had curled my hair, put on eyeliner, blush, some concealer and gloss. I wanted to look "natural". I'll let that sink in for a minute. Nothing lasted and I still looked like a hot mess. I say, take lip balm and keep reapplying. Nothing else is necessary. 

    Balm available at Target, $2.99

  • A Cozy Throw 7 of 11

    I don't know about you but I get hot and cold very easily and while my nurses where super sweet the first time I asked for a blanket, I hate bugging them so much when they work so hard. Plus, I sleep better with my very own "blankie." 

    Available at West Elm, $49.99

  • Dad’s Stay In The Hosptial Outfit 8 of 11

    My husband's idea of PJs and loungewear is dropping his pants at the door. Unless he plans on dancing for the nurses at their station, it is best that we stock up on PJ pants. 

    Lounge pant available at Jack Willis, $44

  • Mom’s Going Home Outfit 9 of 11
    mom lounge

    These sweat pants are okay and one of the only times that you will ever hear me say that wearing sweats outside of the house is okay. Don't get crazy... I do NOT say it often but look, you'll be pushing out a kid and you'll want to prioritize comfort over everything. 

    Sweater and Pants available at Victoria's Secret, $29.99 each

  • Baby’s Going Home Outfit 10 of 11

    Sure, the hospital will give you onesies and little clothes but everyone wants to take pictures of the little cutie. So be sure that they look nice. Who is everyone? Well I'm a Latina, so I expect about 40 family members either at the hospital or waiting inside my home for me to get there. My mother will give someone a copy of my key. That is just how we roll. 

    Available at Gap, $20.99

  • Baby’s Coat 11 of 11

    We are in the middle of winter and my little bundle of joy will have to bundle up as well. Do NOT forget your baby's coat, you will get side-eyed by every mom in the maternity ward. 

    Available at Old Navy, $14.97

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