Season Trend Alert: Capes


I’ve been looking a lot into what my outerwear situation looks like. I have denim jackets, trench coats, anoraks, what I call my snow storm coat, a winter jacket, a pea coat, a fur (vintage, as I recycle, not condone) amongst others. Sounds like I have more than enough, but living in a city where 8-9 months out of the year, people see more of your outerwear than your actual outfit, it only makes sense. What I have been longing for and decided to finally take the plunge on is a cape. Not just because I have convinced myself that I am super mom, but a chic cape for going out on the weekends. Here are a few capes that I have found and while I wish I could take them all home, only one cape can make the cut…or two.

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    Warm up this upcoming season with the hottest trend: capes. 

  • The Plaid Cape 2 of 11

    Move over Sherlock, this plaid little number is enough to steal the spotlight. Now you'll know what Dr. Watson felt like. 

    BB Dakota, $58

  • The Chic Cape 3 of 11

    I love basic black but there is nothing basic about this leather trimmed zipper and high end style. 

    Via Spiga, $75

  • Classic Cape 4 of 11

    Chic, classic, and timeless...this cape could outlive the trend itself. 

    Jessie G, $99

  • The Bold Cape 5 of 11

    Very Little Red Riding Hood meets the streets of NYC with this bold red cape. 

    Calvin Klein, $100

  • Traditional Cape 6 of 11

    Nothing says cape than...a true cape. Part super hero, part LA chic, this easily styled cape is a surefire contender in my quest for the perfect cape. 

    American Apparel, $65

  • The Sweater Cape 7 of 11

    More sweater than the traditional jacket, this one still makes the cut as it can be worn indoors as well. 

    LA Made, $79

  • The Tweed Cape 8 of 11

    The classic touch of tweed on anything makes it a million times better, as does a sale tag. 

    ASOS, $150 on sale $95

  • The School Girl Cape 9 of 11

    So sweet and chic, it makes me want to travel to London. I'm sure with this cape, I'd fit right in with the stylish elite. 

    Asos, $150 $92 on sale

  • The Zip Up Cape 10 of 11

    Great camel color, classic cut, and more knit than jacket weight, this style is more versatile and goes with almost everything. 

    Macy's, $98

  • The Designer Cape 11 of 11

    This one is $95 over what I would like to spend, but the style, color, and the original price tag of $500 makes it even more desirable. I'll need someone to talk me out of this one. 

    Vanessa Bruno Athé, $195

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