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Do you love shoes as much as Brooke and I do? When we’re shooting The Girls With Glasses Show, I always wear flats, since I’m 5’10”, and Brooke wears heels, to give her a little boost. Needless to say, we are always on the hunt for companies that have stylish heels and charming flats. Our stylist, Suzi Grgurich, introduced us to ShoeDazzle, and we are glad she did.

At the beginning of this year, ShoeDazzle brought on fashion influencer Rachel Zoe as their head stylist. You might know her by her reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, but more importantly, she is a style influencer and celebrity stylist. Zoe has a great eye for fashion, and because of her clientele, she has her finger on the pulse of what’s cool in Los Angeles. She joins co-founders Brian Lee and the effervescent Kim Kardashian in building an online company that offers high fashion shoes, bags, and accessories for affordable prices.

ShoeDazzle has a large selection of on-trend items. If it’s a trending style or color, they have it. Looking for boots? They have boots that go over the knee, ankle boots with peep toes, the flat riding boot, or this season’s chunky heeled boot. You will be able to find color and style variations for almost anything you’ve seen on the runway and wanted to wear. I also was impressed with their selection of flats. Being tall, it is really helpful when I can find flats to get excited about.

At this price point, the worry I had was that the shoes would fall apart and not be comfortable to walk in. I wore the Dasia all day and my feet felt great. Brooke wore the RocknRol, which were “extremely flattering and no more uncomfortable than other shoes at that height.”

Although it was hard, I narrowed down my favorite ShoeDazzle pieces to my top 10! Check them out below. It is important to note, there is a VIP program that includes: free shipping, 50% first order and 10-25% every purchase, depending on the item. For these discounts, you pay $39.95 a month, which can be used for your purchase and rolls over if you don’t use it.  Overall, if you are a shoe lover and on a budget, then you are going to love this site. Which ones are your must haves?

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