Stylish and Charitable Footwear for the Whole Family: The Toms Way


I always liked the philosophy behind the Toms brand, but I couldn’t get past how simple they looked. Then one day I spotted a nice glittered pair for my four-year-old and she was through the roof with them. In fact, she insisted mom get a matching pair. I still wasn’t convinced that they were for me. Then they expanded to ballet flats, which were more my style but I still didn’t budge. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, I just wasn’t running over folks to get a pair. Then while looking at cute little outfits for my unborn son, I found a pair that I loved. In fact, my husband began hunting for a similar pair for himself. That is when I saw them. Fun, bold prints in a perfectly comfortable wedge and classic styles. Now the whole family is in on the fun with the most stylish way to be charitable this season and all year ’round.


  • Stylishly Charitable Footwear 1 of 10

    Toms' charitable philosophy is simple. For every shoe purchase, one pair is given to someone in need. Looking good never felt so right. 

  • The Classic 2 of 10

    The same style that failed to move me when the brand first launched has officially won my heart. These striped classics are perfect for the upcoming holidays.

    Available at Toms, $124

  • The Animal Trend 3 of 10

    I'm in love with animal print, especially leopard. These on-trend printed wedges would be a daily go-to as leopard is now the new neutral. 

    Available at Toms, $89

  • Bold Color 4 of 10

    I tend to wear a lot of black and in a sea of black, nothing stands out more than a pop of bold, rich color. Let's not even discuss the tone on tone texture that just makes me swoon.

    Available at Toms, $140

  • The Man’s Man Boot 5 of 10

    These burgundy toned men's boots are simply uber stylish. Perfect for a comfort shoe meant to give back.

    Available at Toms, $160

  • The Weekend Style 6 of 10

    The perfect shoe for dad on the weekend. On trend with a plaid print detailing and leather shoe, his style will be one to envy. 

    Available at Toms, $165

  • Baby Boots 7 of 10

    I've already ordered these for my son as these are so fun and go with any little boy outfit. The only down fall? My husband wishes there were a pair in his size to match.

    Available at Toms, $38

  • Dress Up Baby 8 of 10

    Similar to the classic style that actually won my heart, this striped shoe for little boys was an easy choice for the upcoming festivities.

    Available at Toms, $42

  • Mama’s Girl 9 of 10

    Of course, every little girl wants to dress like her mother and mine is no different. If I get the classic pair, my daughter has to have these. Fair is fair, right?

    Available at Toms, $42

  • On Trend Girl 10 of 10

    Keeping up with the trends, every little girl should start indulging in leopard as soon as possible. I'm only upset I didn't start her sooner!

    Available at Toms, $32