Stylish Holiday Headbands Under $25


Ever since I ditched the blow dryer, my hair has been healthier and my curls are easier to maintain. However, styles can be a bit more difficult, and with the holidays just around the corner, I want to make sure that I have a few that I can work with. I have found that simple works best for me — a high ponytail, a low bun — but it always seems to be missing something. Then, after being inspired by the huge headband collection my daughter has, I decided to try one of hers. A simple rhinestone headband in a soft purple. It was cute and held my hair, but I needed something a bit more grown up. So for the holidays, I found these 10 — all within my serious budget of just $25!

  • Holiday Headbands 1 of 11

    Need a new 'do this holiday season but want to skip the salon? Try out a simple style with these not so simple headbands. 

  • Emerald Coast 2 of 11

    I love the richness of emerald during the holidays, especially if worn with a simple little black dress. 

    Available at Asos, $16

  • Two Times The Fun 3 of 11

    For extra glitz and glamour, you have to have... well, extra. This two headband set is perfect worn together or separately for a completely different look. 

    Available at Asos, $22.25

  • Learning The Ropes 4 of 11

    This rope reminds me of the holidays. Festive ribbons and gold tone rope — just imagine how lovely it would be in your hair.

    Available at Etsy, $14.75

  • Grecian Inspired 5 of 11

    This reminds me more of a necklace than a headband, but that is the point — to really doll up your look. 

    Available at Etsy, $15.75

  • Nature Inspired 6 of 11

    This metal headband is perfect for a low ponytail, or for leaving your hair completely down, with just enough shine to take your simple look up a notch. 

    Available at Etsy, $14

  • Roaring 20s 7 of 11

    Yes, I love The Great Gatsby. The book more so, but the movie was to die for, simply for headbands like these. 

    Available at Etsy, $25

  • The Jeweler 8 of 11

    Marquise-cut rhinestones on a hair wrap? That is all that needs to be said.  

    Available at Charming Charlie, $15

  • Enchanted Rose 9 of 11

    Dark, mysterious, and still so charming, this rose headband is great for someone with light-colored hair so that it really stands out. 

    Available at Charming Charlie, $10

  • Dainty Jewels 10 of 11

    Perfectly worn with soft curls, this headband is very ladylike. I would even wear with jeans just to upgrade my look while I'm doing some holiday shopping!

    Available at Forever21, $7

  • Beaded Bronze 11 of 11

    I've never been a huge fan of beaded jewelry, despite the intricate work that is put into it. However, in a headband? There is so much to love. Not to mention that the beads are braided, so adding a few extra braids to your hair wouldn't hurt either. 

    Available at Nordstrom, $16