Summer Sales: 6 Reasons to Go Shopping Right Now


It’s calendar official, you guys. SUMMAH is here!

And if you’re suddenly realizing that your wardrobe isn’t equipped for 80-degree days, it might be time to do a little summer shopping.

Luckily the stores are on your side, because there are some crazy summer sales going on right now.

Here are 6 reasons you should do your summer shopping this week:

  • Summer Clothing Sales 1 of 7

    If you've been meaning to pick up some new summer wardrobe basics, I have 6 reasons why that time should be now...

  • Forever 21 2 of 7

    Stop by your local Forever 21 to find a slew of summer basics — skirts, tanks, shorts, tops — for under $15.

    Shop Forever 21.

  • H&M 3 of 7

    All sections are on sale right now — including a bunch of adorable cool-kid children's clothes.

    Shop H&M.

  • Anthropologie 4 of 7

    If Anthropologie dresses are on your style wish list, now might be the perfect time to do some shopping. 

    Shop Anthropologie.

  • Topshop 5 of 7

    Get your hipster must-haves at all-time low prices!

    Shop Topshop.

  • The Children’s Place 6 of 7

    Stock up on children's tees, shorts, sandals, and swimsuits at all-time low prices.

    Shop The Children's Place.

  • J.Crew 7 of 7

    And, of course, my favorite sale section for summer clothes. Pick up wardrobe basics at crazy discounted prices.

    Shop J.Crew.