What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: 7 Stylish Women Share Their Looks


Figuring out what to wear on Valentine’s Day is so hard for me. Generally, my husband and I choose to stay home and make dinner together. We don’t handle crowds very well, and we could just as easily go out to dinner a week later and NOT wait 2 hours for a table (we never think about reservations until that day, of course). Despite the fact that we usually stay home and watch a movie, I still want to look sort of cute. A simple dress with romantic waves usually work for me while we cuddle on the couch.

What do you reach for on Valentine’s Day? Are you a ruffles and lace kind of gal, or do you prefer something a little more sultry and form-fitting?

7 fashionista’s gave their advice when it comes to Valentine’s Day attire, here’s what they have to say:


  • Erica Loves Spencer 1 of 7

    "My closet is mostly grey, and my outfits are generally androgynous (combat boots, pants, and my husband's sweater). Every now and then I like to class it up a bit with either a pencil skirt and blouse, or a column dress. Your go-to dressy outfits are perfect for Valentine's Day, because nothing says romance like a dress that makes you feel amazing, with pink lipstick and gold heels."

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    Similar dress, 6pm, $76.99 or try Macy's, $42.99 (on sale)

    Similar cardigan, Shop Bop, $52 (on sale)

    Similar gold heels, Shop Bop, $65 (on sale)


  • Janssen Loves Bart 2 of 7
    What to Wear on Valentine's Day: 7 Stylish Women Share Their Looks

    "Our Valentine's Day tradition is going out for lunch instead of dinner (less expensive, easier to find a babysitter, and much less crowded). This is the perfect outfit for a fun lunch with my husband."

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    Jeans, Aeropostale, $24 (on sale)

    Clutch, Elaine Turner, $118

    Similar flats, Mod Cloth, $54.99

  • Camille Loves Jacob 3 of 7

    "For a Valentine's date, I'm always after something romantic with structure. I like to feel put together, with enough whimsy to keep things interesting. A business-like dress shirt or blazer, and a full girly skirt d0 it for me most of the time. And, I'm outing myself —red or pink usually need to grace the date outfit so I can feel a little festive, too. "

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    Similar plaid shirt, Zappos, $54.99 (on sale)

    Similar shoes, Target, $22.99

    DIY your own red tulle skirt with this tutorial from Cotton & Curls

  • Emily Loves Music 4 of 7

    "I'm only 17, so I definitely know how to live the single life. But let me tell you, music and I have a real love connection. When I do find the right guy, I hope love is like the feeling I get when I discover an incredible piece of music, or when I get lost in a song while performing. Can you tell I'm a hopeless romantic? :)"

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    Similar sweater, Everlane, $118

    Similar scarf, Arden B, $14.40

  • Preethi Loves Dan 5 of 7

    "My husband and I met in high school.  For the longest time, we refused to admit we were dating (in spite of spending hours together each day), and told everyone we were "special friends (you're so  jealous of my high school cool factor, I know).

    After many, many ebbs and flows, we finally decided to commit to what everyone else knew all along.  He never complains about my cooking experiments, only occasionally makes fun of my love for Full House, and is the only one who loves goats as much as I do.  I'd say I made a pretty solid decision.

    We're planning to lay low this year, so I wanted something romantic without being too dressy.  This combo is just right for feeling festive, while having a fun little candlelit dinner with our kiddos. Perfect for a mellow 14th (!!!) year of spending Valentine's Day together."

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    Similar shirt, Gap, $49.95

    Jeans, Forever 21, $7.80

    Similar necklace, Ann Taylor, $89.50

    Bracelet, Etsy, $15

    Similar heels, Nine West, $79

  • Dana Loves the Birthday Girl 6 of 7

    "No date for me this Valentine's Day, unless you call curling up on my couch with the new season of House of Cards a date (which I do). One of my closest friend's birthday's is on Valentine's Day, so we usually go out to celebrate her! Unfortunately, I won't be able to celebrate with her in person this year, but if I could, this is what I would wear."

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    Similar blouse, Lord & Taylor, $47.99 (on sale)

    Similar skirt, Loft, $59.50

  • Kayla Loves Aaron 7 of 7

    "My husband and I were engaged less than a month after meeting. I knew from our very first conversation that he was it for me (it only took me a couple weeks to convince him, too). I was 20 and he was 26. I'm still patting myself on the back for my choice. For me, it really doesn't get any better than Aaron.

    I'm not normally a fan of overly girly pieces, but this dress totally swept me off my feet. My husband loves it too, and it has become my go-to for special date nights. I need to pick up a colored cardigan to go with it (for some reason this gray one is the only one in my closet), but I love it with my super comfy pink ballet flats. It's perfect for dinner or a night on the couch."

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    Dress, ASOS, $25.93

    Flats, Payless, $26.99 (on sale)

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