What to Wear Where: 7 Days, 7 Looks


As a stylist, I love putting together lookbooks for my clients of what they already have or inspiration books of “ideas” of what to wear. While doing so, it always inspires me to wear something new, try new colors, and simply shop. What a downfall, right? I wanted to share with you this lookbook. The “client” is a young mom with a tight and ever-changing schedule. She likes to partake in her kid’s school activities, hang out with family, and still make time for friends while holding down a very creative job. Here I share with you 7 looks for 7 very different days of her week. Ignore the fact that the “client” I just described is me!

  • 7 Days, 7 Looks 1 of 8

    What to wear every day of the week for any occasion. 

  • Sunday: Football 2 of 8

    We are a football family. After ten years, I've learned to accept the fact that Sundays will be spent on the couch until February. I had to learn to love it, going as far as joining an all girl fantasy football league. I'm home, so I get to be cozy, but that does not mean a slob. A nice pair of jogger style trousers and a cheery colored sweater are perfect for watching the game and even better in case I fall asleep. 

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  • Monday: Morning Meetings 3 of 8

    I like to "reserve" my Mondays for writing at home or as an office day, but sometimes you actually have to get up and meet with a client in person. In my field, I have a bit more creativity with my look and I love to mix pieces and colors together so that my clients see that going outside their comfort zone can actually look good. Now, if I was styling a shoot, I'd ditch the heels and go for a high top sneaker so this look can work many ways. 

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  • Tuesday: Coffee Shop Fix 4 of 8

    I have to make time for my friends or I would go insane. While I don't have enough time to "lunch," a quick coffee date is still in order. A simple button-up and skirt, made casual with little boots, is perfect for an afternoon caffeine fix and still pretty enough to be seen in. 

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  • Wednesday: PTA Meeting 5 of 8

    Whether attending a PTA meeting or attending every field trip my daughter goes on, I have to be comfortable. I'm not the mom who shows up in heels, unless I am coming from work of course. A nice oversized sweater and comfy (key word) flat usually do the trick. A simple cross body is also perfect in case you have to hide snacks - I always think about the food! 

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  • Thursday: Date Night 6 of 8

    My husband and I started doing date nights recently and I look forward to it very much just as an excuse to dress up for him. Enter awws here. We are usually homebodies, but getting dolled up in a skirt and heels no less, is what I look forward to every week. 

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  • Friday: After Work Event 7 of 8

    I'm constantly being invited to events, more than I can say yes to and most times, I stay in. It is simply too much, but when I do, I like basic styles done up in prints or fun colors and always with a bold lip. It's become a signature.

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  • Saturday: Family Fun Day 8 of 8

    My favorite day of the week. Whether walking the zoo or just grocery shopping, a relaxed, straight leg denim and a cozy knit are my go-to. I love Saturdays, I still get to dress more relaxed and I get to spend the day with my favorite people. 

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