What YOU Should Be Buying At Forever 21 RIGHT NOW

I haven’t been this excited for a Forever 21 round up in many, many weeks.

Some really good things are happening over at our pal The Forever.


  • Statement Making Jaguar Flats 1 of 36

    Yeah . . . so basically these are the greatest things I've ever seen. 

    Get it HERE, $26.80

  • Open Knit V Sweater 2 of 36

    This is, straight up, really pretty.

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Fancy Oxfords 3 of 36

    Good shoes aside, I just really like that they're called "fancy oxfords." That just speaks to me, you know? 

    Get it HERE, $29.80

  • Crepe Woven Fringe Kimono 4 of 36

    Okay, I am always a fan of kimonos, no matter the scenario. 

    Get it HERE, $29.80

  • Off Duty Heathered Sweatshirt 5 of 36

    We are all models off duty, is what the name of the sweatshirt is trying to imply. Whatever, I'm down with that idea. Cute lounge wear! Etc. 

    Get it HERE, $14.80

  • High-Voltage Faux Leather Booties 6 of 36


    Get it HERE, $42.80

  • Casual Two-Tone Chambray Shirt 7 of 36

    That two-tone placket shoulder is very terribly good and I approve. 

    Get it HERE, $27.80

  • Blue Jeans Babe Overall Dress 8 of 36

    Okay, buy this right now and then wear it to death before summer's over. 

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Femme Embroidered Blouse 9 of 36

    Could this get any prettier? I mean it, really. 

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Western-Inspired Floppy Fedora 10 of 36

    Time to put away the Panamas and bring out the felt floppers. Black is smart. This shape is swell. 

    Get it HERE, $18.80

  • Favorite Camo Jacket 11 of 36

    Woah! Not bad. Not bad even one bit! (Good styling by the way. Jeans! Yes.)

    Get it HERE, $34.80

  • Easy Slub Knit Sweatshirt 12 of 36

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm really obsessed with the idea of finding THE perfect gray sweatshirt for the fall. The heathering on this one is pretty good, we might have a winner.

    Get it HERE, $17.80

  • Spiffy Faux Leather Brogues 13 of 36

    Spiffy! Come on, I love that.

    Get it HERE, $26.80

  • Sleek Pleated Romper 14 of 36

    Can you stop it with this? Because this is adorable. K thanks. 

    Get it HERE, $24.80

  • Street Chic Faux Leather Jacket 15 of 36

    Forever 21 always nails it with the, ahem, "vegan leather."

    Get it HERE, $37.80

  • Distressed Denim Skinnies 16 of 36

    I can't think of a single item that is more critical to this season's looks than the distressed denim skinny. A good medium wash and a generous rippage is what you're looking for. These work just fine. 

    Get it HERE, $27.80

  • Boyfriend-Inspired Heathered Sweatshirt 17 of 36

    Absolutely. Yes. Must have. 

    Get it HERE, $15.80

  • Casual Chic Jumpsuit 18 of 36

    Okay, so the crotch is a little droppy on this one. Anyway, the leg tapering is genius and makes up for it. 

    Get it HERE, $24.80

  • Favorite Marled Knit Sweater 19 of 36

    Two-tone is working it! 

    Get it HERE, $24.80

  • Two-Tone Oyster Band Watch 20 of 36

    In case you don't feel like shelling out the two Benjamins for the Michael Kors version, here is this. 

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Micro Geo Woven Shirt 21 of 36

    Polka dotty, chambray-y, lovely.

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Rustic Plaid Shirt 22 of 36

    Okay, so plaid shirts are, in their very nature, pretty ugly. But they're also pretty freaking fantastic for when you want that "zero effort, still a babe" look. This plaid shirt is ugly. It's ugly in a good way. You know what I mean. 

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Bejeweled Chambray Utility Jacket 23 of 36

    It's just real cute is all. 

    Get it HERE, $29.80

  • Western-Inspired Chambray Shirt 24 of 36

    Really good for transitioning your summer dresses into the beginning of fall. 

    Get it HERE, $19.80

  • Southwestern Dream Dress w/Sash 25 of 36

    This is really, really good. 

    Get it HERE, $24.80

  • City-Chic Overalls 26 of 36

    So THIS is how you seamlessly transition your overall obsession into the fall. Nicely done. 

    Get it HERE, $29.80

  • Retro Drawstring Jumpsuit 27 of 36

    Anthropologie? Meet your competition. Seriously, this is every bit as good as that blue romper that sold out in ten minutes over the summer. 

    Get it HERE, $19.80

  • Classic Stiletto Pumps 28 of 36

    Everybody needs a good pair of hot pink pumps in their lives. This much seems obvious. 

    Get it HERE, $29.80

  • Fancy Faux Suede Pumps 29 of 36

    Those are some sexy lines there, shoes! 

    Get it HERE, $32.80

  • Essential Pleated Trousers 30 of 36

    Tapered, pleated olive pants! I have been looking for you for MONTHS! 

    Get it HERE, $24.80

  • Open Knit Raglan Sweater 31 of 36

    Madewell is calling this college-style sweater a must-have for the fall season. I mean, this way you're saving some cash for a date night or something. 

    Get it HERE, $22.80

  • Spot On Pencil Skirt w/Belt 32 of 36

    Well, I mean, so don't style it like this, but this is actually a really great pencil skirt. 

    Get it HERE, $12.80

  • Statement-Making Chambray Jacket 33 of 36

    I love the proportions on this baby. 

    Get it HERE, $39.80

  • Geo Print Crepe Woven Trousers 34 of 36

    These could very well turn clown pant-y, but I think it's all in how you style them. Maybe roll up the cuffs. 

    Get it HERE, $19.80

  • Grunge Acid Wash Denim Jacket 35 of 36

    Right, so . . . this is pretty flipping amazing is what it is. 

    Get it HERE, $34.80

  • Crisscross Back Jumpsuit 36 of 36

    The only thing keeping this from absolute perfection is this crisscross nonsense, but then that's a personal preference. Otherwise this totally knocks it out of the park and then some!

    Get it HERE, $29.80

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