Babys First Summer


  • Take him on a nature walk 1 of 9
    Take him on a nature walk
    Stimulate your baby’s senses and spark his curiosity by taking him on a refreshing walk outside. You can keep him focused by asking questions about anything interesting he sees to get his noggin thinking. Collect leaves, twigs, or plants to make a collage that will help him remember his first nature walk.
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  • Visit a farm or petting zoo 2 of 9
    Visit a farm or petting zoo
    Take baby to the zoo to watch, pet, and even feed the animals. He just might blurt out some “moo” or “baa” sounds for you to catch on the camcorder. Just watch out for angry goats (they aren’t so kid-friendly) and keep antibacterial wipes on hand.
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  • Go to the fair 3 of 9
    Go to the fair
    Take your babe on his first trip to the local fair or festival, where there are plenty of fun things to do: watch the carousel spin 'round, play games, or watch performers. Even though he’ll be too short for the rides, there are still plenty of sights and sounds for him to take in.
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  • Support your local farmers market 4 of 9
    Support your local farmers market
    Make a tradition of visiting your local farmer’s market to teach your kid about the fruits and vegetables that are in season. He’ll love helping you pick some out, and you’ll love giving him an early start on healthy eating habits.
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  • Head to the museum 5 of 9
    Head to the museum
    If it’s an unbearably hot day, take an educational trip to the museum. You and your little one can stay cool and enjoy the AC as he learns about history, art, or science. Pick up a souvenir at the gift shop that will remind him what he’s learned on the first of (what we’ll hope will be) many trips to
    the museum.
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  • Enjoy the great outdoors … in yourown backyard 6 of 9
    Enjoy the great outdoors ... in yourown backyard
    Give your wee one the chance to examine the different trees, plants, and insects that may be in your yard. Have a picnic, cool off by playing with the sprinkler or water guns, or even just take a short nap together.
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  • Have fun fishing 7 of 9
    Have fun fishing
    Even though baby is too young to hold a fishing pole by himself, a fishing trip lets you get in some quality bonding time. And he’ll still be super excited when (or should we say if?) you catch a big one. You can easily stay on dry land and fish from the shore, but if you decide to take your baby out on a boat, make sure he’s wearing the right life vest (they make ones just for babies) and is properly strapped in.
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  • Relax at the lake 8 of 9
    Relax at the lake
    Skip the beach and hit the lake instead for a calmer water experience. Even without the waves, you and baby can have a ton of fun squishing sand between your fingers or collecting rocks.
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  • Keep cool at the pool 9 of 9
    Keep cool at the pool
    What better way is there to cool off in the summer than to go to the pool? If you’re a bit intimidated by taking baby into a kiddie pool, take him to baby swimming lessons (yes, they exist!). You know your baby’s photo album just would not be complete without some ridiculously cute swimsuit photos.
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