Travel Health Advice

  • Meet with a doc before you go 1 of 8
    Meet with a doc before you go
    This is especially helpful if you’re traveling to another country. A pediatrician can answer any and all questions you have about keeping the kids healthy on vacation (which could bring your anxiety levels down a notch or two). He may even have some advice for questions you wouldn’t think to ask.
  • Drink water 2 of 8
    Drink water
    Drinking lots of water is the best way to ward off airborne contagions — and, of course, it’ll prevent your kids from getting dehydrated. So make sure your kids are getting their H20 fill throughout the day. (Remember, a few stops for bathroom breaks are better than a tired, thirsty, and sick family).
  • Deal with jet lag 3 of 8
    Deal with jet lag
    Kids are a lot more hardy than the 'rents when it comes to resetting internal clocks, and supposedly the under-three crowd doesn't suffer from it at all. When crossing time zones, have kids drink up before and during flight. After landing, start eating and sleeping on the new schedule and get into bright daylight for at least 15 minutes as soon as you can.
  • For the motion-sickness prone 4 of 8
    For the motion-sickness prone
    Make sure they eat before they go. Though it seems counterintuitive, it helps settle the stomach. Eyes straight ahead (no reading). Keep fresh air flowing if possible. And, in a pinch, try Children's Dramamine for kids over two, Sea-Bands, or Queasy Pops, which we highlight purely for the inspired name. Oh, and don't throw out that empty coffee cup. You may need it.
  • Unblock ears 5 of 8
    Unblock ears
    Yawning, swallowing, chewing gum, or sucking (hear that, breastfeeding moms?) are all tried and true remedies. So if you’ve got a baby, have them drink milk. Keep lollipops on hand for toddlers, and pack chewing gum for kids 5 and older who have the willpower to not swallow it.
  • Travel insurance 6 of 8
    Travel insurance
    Really, does anything suck more than ending up in an ER in some far-flung place and then paying the bill for years to come because your health insurance doesn't cover you? Our favorite travel insurance site:
  • Keep basic medicines with you at all times 7 of 8
    Keep basic medicines with you at all times
    Antibiotic cream, band-aids, fever reducers, probiotics, and anti-diarrheal meds should always be in whatever First Aid kit you bring along, but make sure to get a fuller list from a doctor that’s more tailored to your kids’ needs.
  • Bring some comfort food 8 of 8
    Bring some comfort food
    If you’re traveling to places with entirely different cultures, your picky eaters may not be so keen on trying unfamiliar foods. Having some of their favorite foods with you (like mac and cheese, crackers, or granola bars) will ease them into the new environment while making sure they don’t get hungry or cranky.

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