10 Awesome Phone & Gadget Chargers

The bane of my existence is CORDS. Every corner of my house has cords lying around either in the process of charging a device or waiting to do so. Is this you too? Because it’s gotten a bit out of control. I’ve battled the cords with awkward rubber tracks, wall mounted boxes, hiding them in plants, WHATEVER all in an attempt to get my cords out of sight.

I’ve been researching solutions and I’ve come across some pretty cool ideas, ways to at least make your charging solutions fun for your phones and tablets. Until they come up with either endless battery life or wireless charging (we can dream, can’t we?), these might make you feel a bit better about the corded mess on your floor. (Random side note: In my next house, I want some hip or chest high outlets so they aren’t all on the floor. I have one in my office like that, and it’s a solid improvement over the ankle height outlets.)

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  • Adorable Andru Charger 2 of 11

    This one doesn't hide your wires, particularly, but it does make charging your Android device ADORABLE. Andru is pretty beloved (the little Android dude), so the Droid fan in your life would love this one!


    $19.99 from ThinkGeek.

  • Phillips Original Radio 3 of 11

    My husband collects old radios, and he loves this retro style "radio" and clock that also works as a charging dock. Of course, since my husband also insists that you will pry his flip phone from his cold, dead hands it's pretty unlikely that he'll ever have an iPhone to charge in this. He's still texting like it's 2004. But this sure is sleek and stylish for the bedside!


    $70.99 at No Better Deal.

  • Rolio 4 of 11

    Ah, here is some beautiful cord management for charging your phone! It's basically just a case that you wind your cord around, feed out the two plugs, and boom perfect wall mounted charging stand! In addition, you can place it flat next to your computer to charge, and it can stow your cord so it doesn't get tangled. LOVE!


    $9.95 at BlueLounge.

  • Dock+ 5 of 11

    Oh, how I love this pretty dock for the iPhone and the iPad mini! I'd love to have this sleek stand on my desk in my office; so much better than my phone lying flat with a cord plugged into it so I can stream Spotify while I work. Plus it's a lightening charger as well, so it's practical!


    $90 at Dock+.

  • Stow 6 of 11

    I just love this sleek little charger! I plan to add it to my collection of travel gear as the perfect way to charge my phone in a hotel room, and I might get one for the kitchen as well. I'm often using my phone to listen to NPR while I cook dinner, and this would be the ideal way to get my phone out of range of cooking mess!


    Still in development, sadly, but will be priced between $15 and $30.

  • Bestek Outlet Solution 7 of 11

    This thing is a BEAST, isn't it? But WOW so many outlets! Offering six AC outlets and four USB outlets — PLUS an iPhone charging dock — you cannot go wrong with this in a home office or kitchen. It also offers full surge protection (in a much more attractive form than the traditional surge protector), and an LED nightlight option! Love.


    Amazingly only $19.99 on Amazon.

  • PowerTrekk 8 of 11

    Okay, this isn't so much a wall charge, as it is meant for camping or emergency charging. This fuel cell charger uses wait for it WATER to charge your phone. It's a pricey option, but I could definitely see investing in this for emergencies or for when I go camping again, BECAUSE I'M GONNA GO NEXT SUMMER I SWEAR.


    $199 at REI.

  • thingCHARGER 9 of 11

    If the Bestek charger was a bit much for you and you want a more elegant solution, the thingCHARGER is what you're after. This gorgeous charging dock plugs into any outlet and offers two traditional plugs, plus two USB chargers, and a wide array of lightning charger options for most tablets and phones. Light enough to pack, and beautiful and simple. Love.


    Available for pre-order at $41.95.

  • Credit Card Charger 10 of 11

    When I travel and have my computer bag with me at events, it's no problem carrying around an extra charge for my phone. But at home I just have a small wallet attached to my car keys (I'm not a purse person), so I never carry a charger with me. If I get stuck somewhere, this can be a problem. This lovely little charger offers an hour of charge and at a 1/4" thick and the size of a credit card, it would be easy to slip into my wallet! Sadly, it's only available right now for Androids and Blackberries, not iPhones.


    $29.99 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

  • Uni Bobine 11 of 11

    MUST. HAVE. THIS. I need this for my car. With an older car, I don't have a Bluetooth connection, and when I use my phone's navigation guide (and want to hear it), I end up having to hold my phone in my hand or stick it on the dashboard and hope I don't make any sudden stops. This stiff charging cord would let me put my phone close enough to hear it, but still be hands free. AWESOME.



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