10 Money-Saving Secrets to Know When Buying Electronics


With retail stores revving up for Thanksgiving night and Black Friday mayhem, as consumers, we should also be gearing up and doing our homework before stepping foot into a retail store this season.

It is time to step up your game and begin properly planning for the holiday. Stay away from all grabs and shopping frenzy that will ensue — instead, do your research. The more prep work you do, the better results you will obtain — and the more money will stay in your pocket.

So here are 10 money-saving tips that will keep you well informed and out of trouble this holiday season.


  • Buy online 1 of 9

    Whether you are shopping now or waiting until Cyber Monday, buying online will often provide you with better deals (including free shipping), and cuts out the need to get in your car and drive to buy the item. 

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  • Think outside the box 2 of 9

    Go outside your 'go-to' sites to purchase tech items. Instead head over to Crutchfield, B&H or Monocables, among others to search for deals on items. 

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  • Why you really don’t need an extended warranty 3 of 9

    It's all about the research. Find out as much as you can about the product you are purchasing. And most importantly find out what the manufacturer's warranty covers before shelling out any money on additional coverage. 

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  • Beware of add-ons 4 of 9

    It really isn't necessary to get those high-priced accessory items to accompany your new TV, camera, or other device. Consider your alternatives. Why? Because the high-priced item might cost you two to three times more than its not-so-well-known counterpart. It's like piling up your money and giving it away willy-nilly.

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  • Know the policies 5 of 9

    Before you buy anything at any retail store, know their return and price adjustment (if applicable) policies. Save yourself any possible headaches in the future. 

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  • Know the difference 6 of 9

    It is important when buying a tech item to know the difference between high specs and high quality.  Know that resolution isn't everything in a TV. Why? Because some products can be advertised as having high resolution or an insane amount of megapixels, but fall short in other areas. Know what the numbers mean and don't get fooled by misleading ads. 

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  • Know when to shop 7 of 9

    Often the best prices on most electronic items come early in the season and/or towards the tail end (depending on retailers' overstock).

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  • Consider the not so new item 8 of 9

    Open-box items are usually a returned item that a retailer inspects, confirms all is in working order, then resells. Refurbished items are for the most part, merchandise that has been returned and restored to good-as-new condition by the manufacturer, then resold. In both cases, merchandise is sold for significantly less than a brand new item.

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  • Don’t get caught up in a name 9 of 9

    Most of us often purchase an item based on the name and not on its performance.  Do your research and know what you are buying, who you are buying it from, and who manufacturers the product. Like did you know Panasonic manufactures VIERA LCD and Plasma TVs? You will save, just from that knowledge.

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