12 Perfect Tech Gifts For Women Who Love Tech

I can’t tell you how many “Tech Gifts for Him!” lists I’ve seen around on sites aimed to women this last month or so. I’m not sure why so many folks forget that women love technology too (in fact, when I googled “tech gifts for women 2013” I found exactly zero lists), but hey, we DO. Like a LOT.

So, naturally, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a list. I’ve spent many hours scouring lists to find the coolest things I’d buy my female geek friends — and also hope my friends will buy for me. Feel free, folks, to forward this list to my darling husband and mother as well. (*cough*)

I hope you’ll find these little gems helpful for your last minute shopping needs, and all of them will make excellent stocking stuffers as well! Enjoy.


  • Awesome! 1 of 14
  • Beat Bottle 2 of 14

    This is SO COOL! If you've ever wished you had less to carry while walking or running (or, like me, not wanting to always be putting your phone in your bra while sweaty, ahem) you can now slip your phone INTO your water bottle. Yes, this silicone beauty has a pocket (fully waterproof, obviously) just for your phone. Amazing. LOVE.


    $37 at Amazon.

  • boltBOX 3 of 14

    This is the perfect item for the traveling geek gal. It's a three foot long lightning charge cord for your iPhone or iPad, and the cords RETRACT into the box (like a measuring tape!). This is JUST the cord solution I've been looking for while traveling (and, heck, while at home, frankly). SO COOL.


    $19 at Staples.

  • Epic Keyboard 4 of 14

    I know what you're thinking. "That's not a keyboard!" Well, you're right it's a digital keyboard projector that will project a keyboard onto any flat surface.  OH MAH GAH, right??? Connecting to your mobile device via bluetooth, this handy little item works with nearly all operating systems (even Blackberry) and lasts up to two hours. What a great item for traveling with a tablet or just a phone!


    $150 from Celluon.


  • Chromecast 5 of 14

    I just got my Chromecast, and I have to say, I am impressed! What a great little gadget. It plugs into your HDMI port on your television and allows you to stream shows and videos easily using a wireless connection. I was a bit surprised that it also uses an exterior power source (using a plug that pops into the end of the device), but it works wonderfully. A great alternative to Roku and other streaming devices.


    $30 from Google.

  • Digital Cooking Thermometer 6 of 14

    I've been enjoying cooking lately, and my cooking thermometer probably twenty years old and half broken completely sucks. It also is just a meat thermometer, so it only goes up to 200 degrees, which isn't much use for pretty much anything NOT meat related. So I've been eyeing these digital cooking thermometers, and I'm happy to report I've found one that is well reviewed and won't break the bank.


    $19 from Thermoworks.

  • Digital Plant Monitor 7 of 14

    I come from a long line of "black thumbs," and have basically been unable to keep a plant alive for more than a month or two (except that one ficus in my twenties; that thing was TOUGH). So when I spotted this crazy plant monitor that sends massive data to your smartphone telling you what to do with your plants, I was IN. This puppy is waterproof and tests soil moisture, temperature, sunlight, and how much fertilizer your plant needs. WOW.


    $60 on Amazon.

  • Hashtag Earrings 8 of 14

    Oh, fine, I know hashtag jewelry is so overdone these days. But these sweet little hand cut earrings are so small and adorable I couldn't resist including them on this list.


    From Dalia Shamir Jewelry.

  • POWEROCKS Magic Stick 9 of 14

    There are plenty of pocket chargers out there these days, but none of them are as compact, sleek, and attractive as the Magic Sticks from Powerocks not to mention the fact that these little beauties hold TWO full charges for a smart phone. Plus the push button LED light clues you in to how much charge is left in the device. I am so hoping I get one of these in my stocking!


    $37 on Amazon.

  • iPhone Lenses 10 of 14

    Oh, the iPhone camera lenses from Photo Jojo have been on my must buy list for about two years now, but this year it's moved to the top of the list thanks to the latest version, the Olloclip. This amazing piece offers four camera lenses in one fisheye, wide-angle, and two macro lenses. When you combine these lenses with the amazing camera (particularly in the 5S), you really have a powerful way to take photographs right in your pocket. Don't worry Android users, there are lenses at Photojojo for you as well.


    $70 from Photojojo.

  • Pulse Wireless Mini Speaker 11 of 14

    Oh, I have GOT to have this! This little speaker is about the size of a business card, and both stands on it's own AND clips to anything from your bag strap to your car visor. Best of all? There's also a microphone, so you can finally make those hands-free calls in the car, as well as stream your music from your phone (if you're like me, without a bluetooth capable sound system, ahem). Love this little gadget!


    $80 from Felt Audio.

  • Video Doorbell 12 of 14

    Boy, do I ever need this! I'm often upstairs in my office working when someone comes to the door, and most of the time it's either a local politician or a lawn service trying to sign me up for regular lawn care. But once in a while it's the UPS dude or the postman with a package I need to sign for, and I'd love to know who is out there before heading down the stairs (particularly if I'm in the middle of a conference call with a client that has happened too many times). Not to mention the increased security.


    $120 from vtech.

  • WeMo Light Switch 13 of 14

    As we get more tolerant of technology that falls into the class called "the internet of things," we'll be seeing more and more ways to remotely control things like lights and electronics remotely with our smartphones. This beauty is a perfect example a low-cost light switch that allows you turn on your lights when you aren't home. Best of all, it is easy to install and simply replaces your current light switch. I particularly like the idea of being able to turn on my porch light when I'm out later than I expect, as well as the lights in the living room; my poor dog is terrified when she's home alone in the dark (I know, some pitbull she is).


    $50 from Belkin.

  • Terabyte External Hard Drive 14 of 14

    We all need more data storage. Why not go all the way and get a LOT of storage for the money? Yep, women need terabytes of storage. It's not sexy, but it will come right in handy. Best of all? You can get up to four terabytes in one device. NICE.


    $85 and up on Amazon.

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