5 Ways Our Government Spies on You


5 Ways the Government Spies on You

Whether you suspected our government spies on your every online move or not, confirmation came when Edward Snowden leaked details about a classified United States surveillance program that we now know was called PRISM.  The Washington Post recently published slides from the PRISM program detailing how a variety of information has been collected from nine different internet companies, including Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, and Apple, and provided to the National Security Administration (NSA). Even though some of these companies have been collaborating with government since 2008, what does really mean? What is being collected and by whom and should you really worry?

Take a look at the five different ways our government spies on you through the information being collected, the companies willingly providing data, and the various platforms they own that might also be monitored while being mindful that the things you’re typing, saying, and sharing through other services that are probably also being watched as well in the name of national security

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