5 Ways to Celebrate New Years From the Comfort of Your Home


Are you not much of a party animal on New Year’s Eve?

Not looking to fill your evening with noisemakers, hangovers or confetti?

Luckily, we live in a time where we can completely avoid all the hoopla and make our own ‘party’ without leaving our home.

So if you prefer to skip the whole party ‘til dawn and stay home and enjoy the evening with your favorite tech devices, here are five ways you can enjoy yourself.

  1. Sit back and watch the movies expiring on January 1st on Netflix
  2. Read a good book on your tablet or eReader
  3. Watch the festivities unfold on your iDevice with these apps
  4. You can enjoy your evening by ‘cashing’ in any gift you might have received and go shopping online.
  5. Go wild and crazy and clean out your computer to make room for all the new memories the New Year will bring

Bonus: You can forgo the tech evening and go with the standby Twilight Zone marathon

However you decide to enjoy your evening know you are not alone.  According to a New Year’s Eve survey, 54% of those surveyed believe going out on New Year’s Eve is overrated.


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