7 Festive Apps To Ring In 2014!


With the New Year only days away, many of us will be celebrating with family and friends waiting anxiously for the arrival of 2014.

And for the small percentage of us who must celebrate with some form of technology, our nights wouldn’t be the same without some of the best apps to ring in the New Year.

Can’t make it to see the ball drop in Times Square?

No worries, there’s an app that will put you right in the center of it all!

Want to celebrate and toast with friends, but distance has gotten in the way? Get an app that will allow you to virtually toast with those too far away.

Looking for other New Year’s related apps? 

Well, you can create your very own noisemakers, and even view New Year’s celebrations from every part of the world. But, most importantly, if you are hosting your own soiree, there is an app that will help you plan out the entire occasion — without missing a single detail.

So go ahead and celebrate in high-tech style, and have a happy and safe New Year!