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Thankfully, none of the ladies in my family have dealt with breast cancer personally. But thanks to the evolution of media, I have heard and read about first-hand experiences of women who have fought, won, (and lost) their battles with breast cancer. As a result, I am sympathetic of the challenges women and their families face when dealing with this disease that affects so many women.

Plus, I’m married to a wonderful woman and have two daughters, so I would want people to show us some love if, God forbid, my family is faced with the cancer. Since I’m a gadget geek, I just wanted to show all the ladies some love, and list 7 mobile apps that will inform, educate, inspire, and even entertain in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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    7 apps that will inform, educate, inspire and even entertain in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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    Created by Breakthrough Breast Cancer in the UK, the iBreastCheck app makes self-examination more visual by including a breast check video that walks women through the process. Another helpful feature is the Risk Report that could help determine if your current lifestyle is putting you at increased risk for developing breast cancer. You can also use the app to donate to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer cause and find out more ways to get involved.

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    The "name of the game" with beating breast cancer, or any other cancer, disease, or ailment is catching it early. The Early Detection Plan app was created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation and its sole purpose is to help remind women to perform routine self exams early and often by making the process simple and more approachable. The app also helps women locate breast exam clinics, schedule examinations, as well as keep a log of self and clinical exams.

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    Breast Cancer: Beyond The Shock is another mobile app by the National Breast Cancer Foundation but focuses on  women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are looking for knowledge, understanding, and support. The app acts as tool and a community for women to learn more about breast cancer diagnosis from others who share their experiences, as well receive sound education from doctors who also contribute to the community.

  • Breast Cancer Diagnostic Guide 5 of 8
    Breast Cancer Awareness Apps - Breast Cancer Diagnostic Guide via went mobile as well, and created the Breast Cancer Diagnostic Guide that goes deeper into the diagnosis by providing glossary and medical terminology, and illustrations for educational purposes. If you have been diagnosed and choose to add your pathology report and other tests into the app, it will provide personalized research articles as well as relevant information and treatments that may be beneficial to you and your doctor.

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    Helping fight breast cancer can be fun. The Makers of the Bliss HD game certainly hope that's the attitude you take when playing the Candy Crush-esque puzzle game. Not only are you taking off your mind off your diagnosis if only for a couple of minutes, you can choose to either donate 50% of the app's purchase price or convert you score into donations that will go towards The Beautiful Day, a non-profit organization that provides breast cancer awareness and education for young women.

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    Breast cancer is pretty serious. On the flip-side, the Keep A Breast Foundation attempts to combat the seriousness with some shame-free wit. Case in point, its "I Love Boobies" campaign that sells colorful wristbands and other apparel in support of breast cancer awareness, and its Keep A Breast mobile app that encourages women to "Check Your Self" with step-by-step guides and other tips and information.

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    On an even lighter note to get women "into" doing self breast examinations, the folks over at Rethink Breast Cancer have devised the Your Man Reminder app that enlists the help of hunky, scantily-clad guys to "remind" ladies to check their breasts regularly. You can create reminders to have the oiled up guys show up (in the app) and ever-so-seductively suggest that you perform self exams. The app also gives you tips on what to look for, the ability to save notes on what you discover, as well as set a Doctor's appointment reminder. I'm assuming after looking at the hunks, women will be more inclined to "touch" themselves more? We support anything that gets women checking their breast health often and early!

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