Think You Can't Be A Techie? 7 Reasons to Think Again

Technology moves so fast these days. It’s no wonder that jumping on the bandwagon and downloading the latest app, signing up to use the latest service, or standing in line to buy the latest gadget can prove to be confusing, overwhelming, distracting, and even pointless (gasp).

As a result, there are people who know they should use technology more, and maybe even want to — but have decided “technology is just not for me,” and opt to continue to go the old-school route to accomplish the same things that tech-savvy people would delegate their gadgets to do for them.

It’s true, new technology is not always welcomed by everybody. So I’ve put together a list of 7 common barriers that people put up to avoid technology — and the simple ways to overcome these objections.

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    7 Technology Adoption Barriers And How To Overcome Them via

    Technology adoption in your everyday life can be challenging. Here are 7 common adoption barriers and what you can do to overcome them.


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  • "I don’t have time" 2 of 8
    Technology Adoption - I Don't Have Time via

    As parents, you're probably busy doing fifty-million thousand-eleven other things, and you just don't need another "thing" to learn, integrate, and manage. Yes, technology adoption is an investment in time as well as money. It will take some time to learn, time you may not have time for.


    The Solution: My counter to this would be to list your current daily tasks and responsibilities, and find out which one takes the most time. Identify that one time-suck and identify one app, website, or gadget that can help you save time completing that task. The time you spent learning that new tech will be made up (and then some) when you discover how efficient you are at completing your task.


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  • "I don’t see the value" 3 of 8
    Technology Adoption - I Don't See The Value

    Technology to some is merely seen as toys, and they feel no real work is getting done when people are always moving from one app, site, or gadget to the next.


    The Solution: If you don't see the real value in technology adoption, that's cool. I'm sure that there are some things you do find more valuable than "messing around with gadgets." Identifying the right technology for you can prove to be an enhancement to those things you do find valuable. If not, technology adoption can help you save time and money so you can enjoy more of those things you find more valuable.


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  • "Somebody else does it" 4 of 8
    Technology Adoption - Somebody else does it via

    I'm sure there are people who have that uber-geeky family member or close friend that would gladly set up your home network, entertainment system, or sync all your data to your shiny new smartphone. They seem to enjoy it way more than you do, so who are you to deny them their joy?


    The Solution: The obvious counter to this one is what happens when that techie who normally does it for you is busy? I think it would be somewhat nerve-racking to own a device, and not know the first thing about it, especially when it stops working when you need it most. Mastering technology, or at the very least, understanding your tech enough to use it to your advantage, can prove to be a very empowering thing, as well as a catalyst to learn new things.


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  • "I’m not a geek" 5 of 8
    Technology Adoption - I'm Not a Geek via

    There tends to be a stigma that's associated with those who are interested in all things tech. That's all they talk about, and that's all they do. You're more "cultured" than that, so all that tech talk is wasted on you.


    The Solution: Technology adoption is not just for the geeks. On the flip-side, most technology advances are made for the sole purpose of making a non-geek's life easier. Yeah, you may have to learn some new terminology, but that investment could prove to be worth it, even if you're not a "fanboy" (or girl).


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  • "I’m too old" 6 of 8
    Technology Adoption - I'm Too Old via

    There are some "life veterans" who feel that technology today is geared towards the younger crowd, and as a result, shy away from technology adoption.


    The Solution: I always hear about seniors doing things to keep their mind sharp, technology adoption could be that "thing." There are plenty of educational resources geared towards technology to all age groups — community colleges, churches, or your local electronics retailer can be viable options to learn about a new gadget in person. It will give you another opportunity to keep your body active as well.


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  • "It’s too expensive" 7 of 8
    Technology Adoption - It's Too Expensive via

    It seems as if a new device that you have to sign a 2-year contract for, or a service where you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, pops up every week. All that can add up to more financial obligations that you want to handle.


    The Solution: Even though new stuff pops up frequently, that doesn't mean your old tech is obsolete. Your average computer, smartphone, or tablet will last at the very least 3-5 years, the manufacturer will support devices even longer in most cases. So I would suggest that you invest time into using your current gadgets to their fullest capacity, before opening your wallet to invest in the "new hottest thing."


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  • "I’m just fine without it" 8 of 8
    Technology Adoption - Im Just Fine via

    Your old school methods of getting bills paid, keeping appointments, staying in contact with loved ones, learning about new things, or keeping up with the latest news still works, so why should you make technology adoption a priority?


    The Solution: "The only thing that's constant is change." While your methods may work fine now, a "connected world" is not too far off the horizon. While you don't have to give up all your familiar methods right away, learning tech essentials like mobile devices, or recognizing the various communication tools will help you eventually integrate more tech into your daily lifestyle.


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