7 Ways Mobile Printing Can Help You Capture Family Memories

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Smartphones with awesome camera capabilities make it super simple to snap and share photos in order to move on to the next potential memory in the making. With all the immediate sharing that’s taken over our culture in recent years, we sometimes fail to go back and experience those moments, because we know at any time, we can take our phone out of our pocket, purse, or bag and access those photos.

With mobile-ready printers, apps and services, the photos on your smartphone or tablet can be printed in as little time as it takes to organize, upload, and share those photos digitally.

I’m not the only person who has a smartphone (and a tablet) filled to the brim with photos from moments that aren’t doing anything but taking up space. As a result,  those photos may serve better as collectibles in a physical photo album rather than collecting dust on your mobile device.

Here are some reasons why mobile printing is a viable option to storing digital copies of your memories:

  • 7 Ways Mobile Printing Can Help You Capture Family Memories 1 of 8

    You're not the only person who has a smartphone filled with photos that aren't doing anything but taking up space. Here are 7 reasons to try mobile printing for documenting those family memories.

  • They’ll help you save time 2 of 8
    Mobile Printing - Save time via
    The ability to print mobile photos directly to a printer is much quicker than snapping a photo, waiting to get home to connect your smartphone to your computer, transferring the photos, opening up your printer software, and making sure you're printing in the correct format. Consider mobile printing for a streamlined way to document — and save — those family memories.
  • They’ll help save space on your mobile devices 3 of 8
    Mobile Printing - Save mobile storage space via

    All of that occupied space on your mobile device adds up fast. To avoid picking and choosing what stays and what goes when you hit your storage limit, print your mobile photos as you take them using a mobile-ready printer and a photo apps. This system will save you from frantically deleting files or paying extra for cloud storage space you will sparingly use.

  • You’ll have hard copies of all your photos 4 of 8

    What happens to your photos when you decide to close your social network account, the service shuts down, or your photos are used by the social networking sites for means you didn't approve of? Mobile printing will, at the very least, ensure they're preserved by you in ways you truly control, without jumping through hoops to retrieve them when social networks change their behavior and user agreements.

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  • They’ll keep you organized 5 of 8

    This may just be a hunch, but I'm sure that in the beginning, you were all gung-ho about uploading all your photos to organize them digitally. Little by little, fewer and fewer photos make it from your mobile device to your photo organization software.

    Mobile printing may just force you to organize those physical photos in an album, collage, picture frame, or scrapbook, because live photos are begging to be displayed on a coffee table or hanging on a wall.

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  • You’ll get to share hard copies with friends and family 6 of 8
    Mobile Printing - Google Cloud Print via
    Services like Google Cloud Print lets users send smartphone photos directly to a family member's printer. All the family has to do is load up photo paper, and you and your smartphone can handle the rest.
  • You’ll be able to cherish family memories in a unique way 7 of 8
    Mobile Printing - Cherish more moments via

    The ability to immediately print smartphone photos using mobile-ready printers may just encourage you to go revisit memory lane more often if you have a neatly organized photo album on hand.

    Making a photo album, collage, or scrapbook as a family project could serve as an additional way to bond, which could create its own moment. It's either that or making your own "moments" by scouring countless blog posts, thumbing through your user's manual, or waiting on hold to find out the best way to stream photos from your mobile device or computer to your TV. 

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  • You’ll have easier access to your photos 8 of 8

    There's nothing like looking at a physical photo collection to spark memories versus viewing photos on a small digital display. Now I'm not suggesting you ditch your digital photo storage strategy completely, but in the end, mobile printing gives us the ability to quickly and easily print and view photos that would otherwise disappear within the thousands of bytes currently collecting dust on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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