8 Ways Technology Works For Mothers


As a mom of two boys under the age of five, I use technology to keep up with them and maintain a somewhat balanced life. It is the main component that keeps me level-headed, does as I say and is always there to set me straight when my mind begins to wander.

I use technology to communicate, shop, and most importantly answer any impromptu questions my kindergartner throws at me.

For parents, technology has become our lifeline to the outside world.  Technology is a simple tool that improves our quality of life.

We love it because it just works.

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  • Is always at our fingertips 2 of 9

    We always have to have our smartphones with us, as they serve as our lifeline into our digital and personal worlds.
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  • Keeps us connected 3 of 9

    We tend to use social networks as a way to stay connected while keeping our crazy hectic lives under control.
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  • Makes us smarter shoppers 4 of 9

    We have become tech-savvy shoppers, using smartphone apps and online deals to shop efficiently and effectively while saving money.
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  • Helps guard our privacy 5 of 9

    Despite being digitally connected, we are savvy about guarding our privacy.
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  • Is more than just a toy 6 of 9

    We encourage our kids to use technology as a learning tool.
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  • Merges our lives 7 of 9

    Technology merges our family, personal, and work lives, making us more transparent and accessible on all fronts.
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  • Helps us manage it all 8 of 9

    Happy mom = Happy home. Technology provides us with the tools to become effective CEOs of our homes. 

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  • Gives us time 9 of 9

    Technology allows us to make time for what matters.
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