9 iOS 7 Ready Apps for iPhone

Apple does a good job of delivering on its promises and releasing its mobile OS updates on time. The announcement and subsequent release of the brand-new iOS 7 was no different. There were many people who had trouble downloading iOS 7 when it was launched last week, but that didn’t stop people from downloading, and quickly taking to social media to give their reactions in the form of shouting its praises, or shaking their fists at the new mobile operating system from Apple. I personally like iOS 7. It makes my iPhone 5 feel like a new device with new features to explore and master. But I understand if people don’t like change all that much.

I digress.

Back on topic, Apple is so predictable that mobile app developers raced to make sure their apps were compatible on launch date. Most app developers made sure that their colors, icons, gestures, and other features were in line with the new iOS 7 design guidelines. There were other app developers who went the extra mile and not only made sure their apps looked pretty on iOS 7, but either added brand new features or overhauled their apps altogether in an attempt to set themselves apart from the crowd.

So if you were one of the millions of people who were successful in downloading iOS 7, Here are my top 9 app picks that take advantage of the new iOS 7 design.

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    iOS 7 logo via

    If you remained patient while tons of people downloaded iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad at the same time, your reward is 9 apps that take advantage of the new OS style and flavor.

    Photo Credit: Apple

  • HootSuite 2 of 10
    Hootsuite for iOS 7 via
    The leader in powerful, but easy to use social media managers, Hootsuite's web and mobile app that lets you manage multiple social media accounts in one dashboard, wasted no time in making sure the platform adopted the softer iOS 7 colors that, in turn, lets users focus on content. Hootsuite also added new icons as well for a more uniformed look.
  • Twitter 3 of 10
    Twitter for iOS 7 via
    Twitter also followed the "Content is King" iOS 7 mantra, by softening its branding so that your timeline is easier to read. Twitter also gives users extra screen real estate (just a little) by making its quick action bar at the bottom transparent.
  • Evernote 4 of 10
    Evernote for iOS 7 via
    One of my favorite apps for storing, syncing, and sharing all your notes, links, documents, and much more is Evernote. The "Remember everything" desktop, web, and mobile app decided to overhaul the iPhone version entirely for the iOS 7 launch. The most prominent change is the Evernote "green" home screen, you now get a more "at a glance" look at your shortcuts, recent notes and notebooks, as well as quick actions located at the bottom of the screen for easy access.
  • Foursquare 5 of 10
    Foursquare for iOS 7 via
    If you're still a fan of checking in to your favorite spots — and letting people know exactly where you are 24/7  — Foursquare added a "fresh coat of paint" on its iOS 7 version as well. The icon has a cleaner "minimalist" design, and the overall app looks and feels lighter and brighter.
  • OpenTable 6 of 10
    OpenTable for iOS 7 via
    The OpenTable web and mobile app that makes it easy to find and book reservations at your favorite restaurant not only made its interface easier to look at with less colors and sharper icons and fonts, but has also made it easier to use by giving users the ability to look up any restaurant, versus just the spots in your area.
  • RunKeeper 7 of 10
    Runkeeper for iOS 7 via
    "Fresh," "lighter," and  "cleaner" seem to be re-occurring phrases used to describe the many iOS 7-ready apps. The Runkeeper app that helps you track and report your running (or in my case, quick jogging) activity on the web or your smartphone is no exception. The new app encourages users to quickly set up their activity, so they can focus more on their run.
  • eBay 8 of 10
    eBay for iOS 7 via
    eBay in recent years has made it easier to buy and sell your stuff online from your smartphone. It also jumped on the "cleaner and lighter" bandwagon, but also added "faster" to its iOS 7 app by adding a host of improvements to help you quickly find new items, as well as simplify the process of creating a new listing for sale. 
  • Yahoo! 9 of 10
    Yahoo for iOS 7 via
    Yahoo! recently changed its logo in an attempt to stay relevant. It has also made its mobile app iOS 7-ready to keep up with the times as well, so users can quickly open the mobile app to read about the latest news, stories, and events locally or globally. The new app puts content first, as well as adds new content by way of breaking news alerts, the ability to quickly save stories to read later, and cute cinemagraph animations that spice up story images.
  • Pocket 10 of 10
    Pocket for iOS 7 - via
    If you have read anything online and wanted to save it to read on the potty later, Pocket has risen to the top of the pack. For iOS 7, Pocket has refined the reading experience, as well as made syncing stories you want to read later between your mobile devices and web even faster with a new feature called (you guessed it) Instant Sync, which is fancy talk for updating your stories in the background, even if the app isn't open.

What do you think if iOS 7 so far?

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